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Wheelhouse Revisited @ The Tanglin Club

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I love dining at the recreational clubs because of the great value meals they offer. Surely the membership fees count towards discounted food but that said, I still love a good deal when I see it. Wheelhouse at Tanglin Club is a casual bistro style family restaurant with no age restrictions (this is especially important when baby is in tow). 


Their $15.90 salad buffet was the steal.


Freshly baked bread which comprised of bread rolls, artisanal loaves and even bread sticks with the must try herb butter. This has been the winning combination for me since the day I discovered the magic of these two together.


And pile on the salads we did.




The combinations were endless and even the self toss station for rojak was delicious. I love mine laden with enough prawn paste for the extra punch and more pineapples and tau pok instead of cuttlefish.


On top of all the greens, there was a hot dish of the day. These oxtails were the bomb - meaty and jellied goodness all gone in a single slurp. The most ridiculous discovery is actually that I am usually not a fan of it.


A not so wicked Gunner as compared to Cricket Club's, their version lacks the fizziness.


The English Fry Up has been around since the early brunch days, I bet cafes weren't even conceptualized yet back then. Every visit back to the Tanglin Club is like a trip back in time, where dishes are more or less the same as how I remember them to be at exceptional value.

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