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The Garden Slug @ Telok Kurau

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The Garden Slug has been around for so long, we kind of forgotten about its existence. Who else is like me, preferring to travel far and wide for food than seek nearby and convenient options.

To think they have been around since 2006 and has been a popular spot for pet lovers, it's actually right next to the Vet that my pooch frequents too. 


Signature Cowboy Burger  ($19.50) 

Beef+pork patty, bbq sauce, mozzarella egg, bacon and sautéed onions, served with fries

Named after Cowboy the resident cat ­ a feline who really knows how to enjoy life, this cowboy burger probably likes his food soggy  and messy with the bbq sauce. Love all things chunky and you'd probably love this too.


Pepper Ribeye Steak Burger ($23.50)
Tender strips of ribeye piled with mushrooms & melted cheese in smokehouse beer gravy. Served with fries

The steak could do with a tad more tenderizing else plenty of jaw work is required. This smokehouse beer gravy was a good accompaniment with the steak and fries. Between both burgers, I thought this was easier to like.


Mee Siam Hai Hum ($19.50)
Squid­-inked “mee siam” pasta with plump prawns 

I found it hard to resist a pasta dish with such a cute name and squid ink pasta too,  sold!


Squid ink pasta doused in such a glistening dark sauce that  it looked too slick to slurp. Their take on mee siam was audacious but with eyes closed, it was a reasonably tasty mee siam without hum with a squeeze of lime! 

Dishes in hearty portions, I would be back just for a slow meal and dog watching too. 

The Garden Slug
55 Lor L Telok Kurau

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