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Shinagawa Ramen Restaurant @ International Plaza

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Having been to International Plaza at Tanjong Pagar countless times, it was only of late that I discovered a foodie haven on the second floor. Look hard and you may stumble upon gems like I did. Shinagawa Ramen Restaurant is one of several on the floor dishing out afforadable Japanese food.


Sashimi Salad ($14.80)

Crunchy salad leaves tossed with sesame dressing, the rule of thumb is - anything with sesame dressing is delicious.


Shinagawa Ramen ($12.80)

This surprised me with springy noodles with a bite and a tasty broth. Though not entirely authentic with shanghai greens and an over cooked onsen egg. On hindsight, this would have been a really good bowl of la mian instead of ramen.


Shinagawa Set ($18.80)

I've been to Shinagawa Ramen 5 times and each visit I must order this. Comes with fried rice, sashimi, sushi and even tempura, so much value in a single set!


Every item was legit in the lacquer box though my favourite has got to be the sashimi and fried rice.


Salmon Ikura Don ($20.80)

I say stick with the Shinagawa set for more value or just order ala carte salmon sashimi instead. The rice was just plain white rice, missing out on sushi rice seasoning.


Salmon Tamago Mentai Maki ($15.80)

These aburi mentai makis are delicious except they seem to be getting smaller and smaller with each visit.

Shinawaga Ramen and Izakaya Restaurant
International Plaza

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