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RIGHA Hotel @ Kyoto

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This was my first time staying over in Kyoto and while I was really keen on booking a ryokan and soaking in an onsen, the prices during December put me off. Hence, the next criteria on the list was within reasonable distance from the JR station which would facilitate our city adventures.

RIGHA Kyoto popped up as a recommendation and I was sold on how new the property was.


I miss Christmas already at point of crafting this entry. Japan takes Christmas rather seriously with all the hotels in full support.


The very spacious lobby and check in counter.


A nursing room in the hotel! Until I became a mother, I never knew the importance of having such a facility. Plus, this was so clean and well equipped!


Diaper changing stations.


Very cosy nursing rooms.


Double room.


This tatami wall had a secret agenda, it met the purpose of the curtains without much fuss.


Coffee machine for that late night cap.



The very comprehensive amenities box that came with body towels too - a rarity given some big names do not even offer hair brush until upon request.


As mentioned, I preferred a hotel that was near the station and the best we had was the complimentary shuttle bus service.


The cushy ride BUT was marred by a particular bus driver who left my companion behind at the hotel and refused to drop me off just because I held him up. No wifi and any sense of connectivity, one was left at the hotel and the other at the train station.

Apart from that, the overall stay was comfortable though rooms are small. Service levels are not tiptop and missing out on some Japanese hospitality.

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