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&Sons Revisited @ Cross Street

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It has been so many years since the first visit so that kind of nudged us for a return. Afterall, Raffles Place over the weekend is happiness for us these days. No crowds, no queues and best of time wasted for food.



Garlic and Herb Foccacia ($5)

Foccacia loaves a stack of love, crusty edges and pillowy soft innards. I have a love hate affair with bread and this was clearly a love.


Cherry Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta ($15)

These bruschettas were less satisfying than the focaccia itself, it could have been the avocado and tomatoes that made it slightly soggy.


Baccala Cakes with Sea Urchin Sabayon ($18)

Cod cakes which could be passed off as crab cakes were a crispy delight. I love the crisp exterior and creamy sea urchin sabayon. The only grouse was, the sea urchin was not obvious in taste but definitely made up in colour.


Trofie with Crab and Nduja ($24)


Caserecce with Duck Ragu ($24)

Their pastas are strangely on the bland side though they sure looked darn tasty.


Spanish Pork Ribs with Butter Potatoes ($26)

Of all the mains, the portion was most generous with such tender ribs. I would have loved abit more char on the ribs but otherwise, really tasty.


Roast Cod with Salsa Rubra ($29)

Mildly fishy, not the best cod I have eaten and meh-dinary at best.


Grilled Whole Italian Seabass with Rucola (for two) ($48)

One whole fish was served and ours arrived with a gaping mouth.Pretty worth while if both are fish lovers, otherwise the portion is great for a hungry one.

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