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Otsuka @ Kyoto

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I was on a roll with my steak meals and being in Kyoto made it more so. Japanese beef is a class of its own and we decided to go luxe with Isshin and also try a mass favourite - Otsuka that is both popular amongst tourists and locals. To be fair, the lunch crowd consisted mostly of tourists which I suspect has everything to do with the Japanese guides plugging this place to no end.

Well, it does not hurt to try.


Directions are clear from a street away and infact, the neighbourhood is a rather quaint one.


I found my #housegoals just walking through the neighbourhood.


With the short lunch hour from 11 am to 2 pm, one cannot help but either arrive very early for brunch or late enough to skip the queues and still have tunch.


Stools are provided to make queueing comfortable, word has it that queues can last up to an hour sometimes.


It was almost instinctive to fill my name on the list and wait to be called - or it seems that everyone knew what to do!


Roast Beef Set A (JPY 1,700)


Rice with a roast beef slices atop, if this visit was not for their famous Murasawa beef, I would have been satisfied with this.


The japanese sure know how to whip up a delicious salad, I've not had a bad salad yet.


Murasawa Sirloin Steak (JPY 6,200)
150G, Grade A5

And this was what we were there for. The legendary Murasawa, incredibly priced and limited in quantities. I was so worried this would be sold out.

Some education on the legend itself, it is produced in Nagano prefecture and are fed the finest feed and raised till they are 24-27 months of age on a tatami mat flooring before they land up on this hot plate. Quantities are clearly limited hence rendering them very prized. 


The marbling was gorgeous and so was the doneness. Fatty slices of heaven and it was akin to chewing on fat - so oily yet so good.


Sirloin Steak (JPY 3,500)
150G, Grade B3

Since we were already in full blown carnivore mode, what is another side of steak? I actually preferred the ordinary sirloin to the murasawa. It could have been the hype but the beefiness made this so satisfying.




A visit is recommended for pocket friendlier sets, and a bite of the Japanese beef that Kyoto has to offer.

For those who are interested, do note they close on public holidays and Thursdays too. 

20-10 Sagatenryuji, Setogawacho

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