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J65 @ Hotel Jen Tanglin

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The hotels have also joined the bandwagon this Chinese New Year by offering DIY Loheis in individual portions. One gets to pick the ingredients and control the amount of sin that goes into a single plate and this was the highlight of the reunion lunch I had at J65.



The  lobster  claws in the seafood section was expectedly the hottest item with many plying their plates high with these. 


Seems like Christmas extended with roast beef on the wagon and honey baked ham carved on the spot!


More live stations include DIY Kueh Pie Tee! These were a hit with their crispy shells and assortment of toppings. I'd love to have a popiah live station but I've not encountered one at any buffet yet.


This tomato sauce salmon stole the show with its sheer size.


Live kitchen of local delights, this would entice the foreigners more since most of these are my regular breakfast staples.


Fried satays, anyone?


Noodles to customize!


CNY goodies were also part of the dessert spread and no prizes what I was drawn to.


Chocolate profiteroles which were also wiped clean faster than you can say "profiteroles".


I could not resist a plate of roasts, oyster omelette and satays - so much for being adventurous at a buffet. While I thought the char siew and siew yoke were tastiest of the plate, the companions thought otherwise.



The first of two single portions yushengs. Tossing on my own is unfortunately quite boring which brings me to the point that yushengs are communal dishes.


A pretty tasty self tossed yusheng with a copious amount of salmon sashimi. Two servings later, I declared myself done for the new year.


Being the local foodie I am, I had to give their local delights a go and this was the first of many bowls of noodle dishes I actually bothered trying.

The laksa is totally worth giving a miss, bland and lacking in oomph.


Kuay teow tng with soggy noodles and supermarket bought fishballs.


The assam laksa did not leave much of an impression either, nowhere near the real deal.



There was a decent spread of indian dishes too and the curries were tasty though lacking in heat.


I have a sweet tooth so dessert sections appeal to me more than the savoury. This blueberry tart is probably outsourced since I've eaten this somewhere else before - loved the crunchy tart base and almond frangipane cake.


Grass jelly soya milk was pretty good too!

At $48++ a head and pre payment required, it was one lunch that we celebrated in the spirit of CNY but otherwise, really not worth the money.

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