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Ikyu @ Yong Siak Street

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Ikyu fell under the radar for me in the barrage of chic eateries in Tiong Bahru. Heck, I've walked by Ikyu so many times to patronize Plain Vanilla but was not compelled to drop in till now.

There is a choice of counter and cushion seats in this spacious restaurant.


Anakyu (sea eel) ($18)
Eel, mayo and plenty of black sesame seeds. This was underwhelming considering how their aburi sushi was outstanding.

Creamy Sakura Ebi Radish ($12.50)
Crunchy and slightly starchy radish strips tossed in a cream sauce made this a different kind of salad altogether.


Asari Butter Yaki ($25)

The broth packed such a hearty and rich finish, I would have loved a basket of bread to go with this. This was on the sweet side though.

Crispy Swimming Crab ($8.50)
The perfect pub grub with these crunchy and meaty lil buggers. 


Five Kinds Aburi ($35)
Anago, Kampachi, Salmon Belly, Chutoro, Flounder
I love aburi sushi and nigiri, torched slices of fish that have a certain smokyness about it. Is it me or these aburi sushi are actually quite small? I did not even need one mouth to chomp one, I could probably fit two in comfortably.

Five Kinds Nigiri ($28)
Akamim Ika, Flounder, Salmon

And since there was still stomach space even after taking on the aburi sushi, we ordered nigiri next, which esesentially was close to the aburi sushi without torching. I was bummed chutoro was not part of the repertoire.

Noodles with mixed Tempura ($22)

The service staff thoughtfully arranged for this course to be served last - a carby and filling one to say the least. I had hot somen which reminded me of mee sua and this was very satisfying with the piping hot tempura. 
Ikyu is one of those places that suits cosy gatherings and romantic dates, however food is not top priority here. I was not blown away by the food, unfortunately.

Oh yes, the meal ended with a take out from Plain Vanilla.

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