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FOO'D By Davide Oldani @ Empress Place

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February is my favourite month, Chinese New Year not withstanding since there are a couple of special occasions in that month and this year the Hubba whisked me off for dinner to celebrate us still being married to each other. Chuckles aside, he let slip it would be a fusion menu from a celebrated chef. 

I've clearly forgotten which food and beverage establishment was previously at the Victoria Theater, anyone remembers?


High ceilings and sparse furniture make up the interior of FOO'D, missing some opulence perhaps but I was happy in my cosy pod meant for four. The only grouse is, I had to shift the communal sofa just to leave the table, unless the designer had in mind that nobody would need a toilet break over dinner at all.


Caramelized Onion, 20 months Aged Grana Padano, served Hot and Cold

A single sweet onion tart with flaky layers topped with a scoop of cheese mousse. Hot and cold both met in this appetizer, I loved the textures but found the sweetness too much. 


French Pea Soup, Lemongrass, Poached Egg, Almond

Too grassy and green tasting for comfort, and with the poached egg that was barely runny I was missing my toast soldiers the full brunch meal.


Risotto, Homemade Sourdough Breadcrumbs, Peppercorn, Marsala, Umbrian Truffle

Finally we were talking skill here. Perfectly cooked risotto with chewy rice grains. I like my risotto with some bite and not all mush. Mixing in the peppercorn, marsala and truffles it was pure delight. I could eat this for the rest of the courses and give up pasta for. 


Lobster, Lemon, Fennel

Fresh lobster served with gravy, nothing to fault since it was briney and sweet. No hint of any frozen aftertaste. 


Wagyu Chuck Eye, Cranberry, Butternut, Moutarde

Beautifully seared and dare I say the better of the mains. Tasty butternut and cranberry pairing with this tender chuck eye.


Spanish Suckling Pig, Mixed Berries, Celeriac Puree

I loved the crispy skin but hated the gamey after taste. Otherwise, it was a tad chalky at certain parts.


Fresh Stracciatella, Pineapple Sorbet, Nutmeg

Airflown in almost daily, Chef shared that this comes from a 3 man farm in the offskirts of Italy. Handmade and best consumed within 44 hours. Creamy and stretchy, the cheese itself was a winner and paired with a tart sorbet with hints of nutmeg, this course was really delicious.


Freshly baked sour dough.


Lemon Curd, Meringue, Lettuce Gelato, Cocoa Crumble

Made to look like a hedgehog, the lemon curd was pleasantly sour and that lettuce gelato was misleading - at least I was duped to think it were matcha! Very refreshing and brilliant one here.


Faux Green Apple, Cinnamon, Mascarpone

A surprise awaits when you dig into this faux green apple. With the core plumped with apple juice, it was a pretty sight. I enjoyed the theatrics and the tangy apple mousse.

Overall an enjoyable meal with hits coming from the classic italian dishes and misses from the non-italian. I would return for the ala carte menu, however, pasta sounds amazing already! And with that, happy anniversary my love. 

7 courses: $168++ per person 

FOO'D by Davide Oldani 
11 Empress Place

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