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Cafe de l'ambre @ Ginza, Tokyo

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Cafe de l'ambre has been serving coffee since 1948 and what sets this apart from the hipster coffee joints is, it is so well hidden that I did not realise Ginza had such a hidden yet charming gem.



Jars of different types of aged beans.


Roasting is done on-site and the aroma was intoxicating.


Snippets of accolades from the past to present.



The whole cafe exudes a certain vibe that traps time, as if I got transported back in time to 1948. Perhaps it was deliberate, and perhaps it wasn't but everything was dated.


Even this bar counter that had seats with a swivel. Suddenly, ordering coffee over a bar counter like that became very hip.


A mishmesh of assorted pieces put together in this open concept kitchen.


Hand dripped coffee was what we came for and it was very intense watching the bartender manually drip the coffee in a fascinating robotic manner.

Was it the obsession with the craft? Or just a whole lot of passion that keeps him going.Well, maybe both.


The coffee only menu showcases a range of blended coffees, straight coffees and even desserts if one is game. This was the Blanc et Noir "Queen Amber", served in a champagne glass with sweet milk and iced coffee.


Oh shakers, so classic.


And cigarette trays too.


I got drawn to this coffee machine emblazoned with their logo and the char stains.


Their beans are easily more than 10 years old and fall under a ton of categories which read like greek to me. That said, this was the whiskey of coffee - aged and fragrant. Each bean would tell a story in the most cliche manner, but it does.

From the roasting methods to the country of origin. Single shots start at JPY 770 and double JPY 970. Prices were updated as at August 2016 so until the next price hike, treasure this little gem, I hope the legacy continues.

I love how they specialize only in coffee, without the fancies of too pretty to eat cream cake.

Cafe de l'ambre
8 Chome-10-15 Ginza, Tokyo.

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