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Tokyo - Kyoto - Tokyo: Shinkansen Eats

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Travelling on the Shinkansen is quite an experience and so I planned an intercity itinerary just so I could go on one. How frivolous really.

It's my second time but Tokyo Station still freaks me out with the traffic that goes through the station at any time during the day. I still made the same mistake of purchasing my food at station instead of combini shops - when will I ever learn!?


Egg mayo and pork cutlet sandwiches from the shinkansen bento shop (there's only just one and everyone buys from them)!  Egg sandwiches seem to be the breakfast staple in Japan since most takeaways sell these.


The best thing about Japan is their vending machines and mind boggling variety of hot drinks. Here's hot lemon for the cold weather!


My mentaiko onigiri that was rather stingy on ingredients. The combini shops sell better onigiris.


The husband's protein fix which ended up too sweet.


These stuffed squids were too tough and sweet too.



Snack time with these potato sticks, seriously eating all the time throughout the train ride. No first class cabin? I bring my own sustenance pack.


Better than Hokkaido Potato, especially when they taste so much like blue cheese sticks.


More of the pork cutlet egg sandwiches on my way out of Kyoto. There's just something about pork cutlet and egg sandwiches that tastes so good in Japan. The omelette is fluffier than usual and the cottony soft bread makes everything so delicious.


And a strawberry daifuku for dessert this time round!

With my own entertainment, the three hour ride was very comfortable. If only, I could train this way from Singapore to Japan...I secretly think I would! 

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