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Tokyo Disneysea Eats

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I could get condemned if I say what is going to Tokyo without visiting Disney Sea when there are in actual fact tons of attractions that makes Tokyo so irresistible as a travel destination.

The struggle between Disney Sea and Land is real, I opted for the latter though I secretly wished I had time for both, just because Sea is exclusive to Japan. Sigh, the game of exclusives again!


2016 was their 15th anniversary and be sure they spread this message loud and clear - starting with their train cabins!


And the train handles too!


The train ride on the resort line brought us around to the hotels even - and this is a serious case of OCD.


How neatly the cars are parked.


Last stop! Doesn't the sky look particularly blue? It could just be because I am in the happiest place on earth.


With a skip and a hop and the happiness of a 5 year old child, I made my way into the land of happiness. Water coolers are far and few so I'd suggest filling your tumblers at the cooler near this statue before diving into the theme park where food and beverage are also tagged happy prices - happiness does not come cheap.


Spot the crew!




The ladies with these bunches of balloons always make for a great photo opportunity and I wonder why they stopped selling the foil balloons. Those look heaps better and are more attractive than these plastic looking ones.


One of the parades underway with hordes of people. I can probably not quite put a finger to how many people they allow into the theme park but every one is conscious minded!


When in Disney, wear a head gear. Hi Donald!


The Duffy and Shellie May infatuation is real.


And more!


There's a whole community of them. 

The truth is, Disneysea is so huge I can spend the whole day just walking around snapping pictures. The queues are a given, from the toilet to the food carts to the rides and even merchandise shops.


Christmas is in the air!


Spot nemo!



Minnie made it to the artists' water art collection.


Those blue waters are so inviting, enter the kingdom of Mediterranean Harbour!




I should have heeded advice to be there when the gates swing open for those highly sought after fast passes (Disney does not believe in letting theme park goers pay for fast pass) that are issued at kiosks near the rides.

So we ended up with fast pass tickets for rides at 935pm. No prizes for guessing if we utilized the fast pass.

Some other rides ended up issuing all their passes so join the queue please! These rides tend to have waiting times lasting from 120 minutes and longer. Thank god for winter because queueing in summer would have been suicidal. Alternatively, just head for the single rider option - queues move much faster too!



Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull promises a ride like no other, I would suggest going in as single riders to cut your waiting time by half at least!



Mermaid lagoon was a kids' haven, all the rides were so friendly and the area beautifully created. I wish I had a kid with me not to look like an oversized kid in this attraction.

Mascot Sightings


These are considered an attraction of its own, to sight the disney classics in their full armour. If time is a humongous luxury, queueing for a snap with all of them can take half a day or more. Certainly takes more than a stoke of luck to even spot Minnie anywhere! 


Had it not been for the squealing crowd, I'd have just gave these mascots a miss - say what? And even after my visit I still have no clue what these are - so much for being a Disney fan!





Daisy duck!! The closest I got to a Disney character that I grew up with at least!

Food Carts

What is a theme park visit without food and beverage? I was prepared to empty my pockets for the overpriced snacks just because it is Disney. It turns out that every other person walking into those gates of Disney had the same intent in mind because every other cart I walked past had a long queue and thank god for the forgiving weather, queuing was pretty much a breeze!


Hot dog cart!



Dessert carts like these are spotted all over the park and have the shortest queues strangely.



Popsicles in winter sounds like a brain freeze but these were popular throughout the park!


While everyone was headed for the Tiramisu Icecream Sandwich, I had my mind on the other Seasalt Icecream Monaka!


My pretty pink shell shaped icecream sandwich (JPY 310)!


I don't remember loving Meiji icecreams this much until Disneysea, frosty vanilla icecream with hints of seasalt and a strawberry jam center and finally crispy wafer coating. Oh yummy!

I hunted these down for the famous Unikaman Shrimp Bun (JPY450)!


My spoils from the first three stations and the queueing time took up enough time.


Hello, my bun shaped like a float with pink strips of dough - it does resemble the float from a seaside trip and Donald looks like he's taking a swim in it!


For a convenience snack, these machine made buns are reasonable. I did not quite get the shrimp paste filling much, pretty tasteless but this is Disney and so everything should look happier than they taste.



This calls for a huge community of popcorn fans and I wish I really had the space to finish trying every single flavour available. So if you did not know by now, they retail popcorn by buckets (From JPY 1800) , refills (JPY 520), Disney boxes (JPY 1200) and ordinary packaging (JPY 320).


Both the boxes and containers are equally cute!



Spot the 15th anniversary design!



Mr Potato Head dressed in a Christmas costume.




This exclusive flavour sported one of the longest popcorn queues and they smelt like a chocolate factory would!



I still caved into one of these uber cute Duffy Bear collectible popcorn bucket.


White chocolate popcorn was so addictive, just the perfect movie night snack I need. The white chocolate coating around each kernel was light enough to keep popping morsels nonstop.


I swear I almost jumped for joy like a kid when I sighted this cart!


Little Green Dumplings filled with cream were wildly popular. The queue snaked on for almost a full street and before I could catch a whiff they were sold out for the day. Bummer!

Dining in is not the best choice either at peak houses since precious time is spent in line waiting for a table anyway. Imagine the delis packed with people as well. We managed to do some takeaways and sat by the bench to mascot watch.


Iceburg lettuce, cheese and a sesame dressing tasted exceptionally tasty in the theme park.


Disney's take on Club Sandwich, not too shabby an attempt and did I also say cold sandwiches taste yummy too in winter?


Even their coffee cups are cute!


Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel turned out to be a favourite of this takeaway. Bagels were chewy and cream cheese with salmon is a guaranteed combo for success.


Christmas was definitely in the air, I was feeling it most in the shops with frenzied shoppers of every conceivable nationality. We all spoke Disney.


Goodnight Disneysea, thank you for the magic.

I wish I stayed long enough for the fireworks and Disney style ending to my day trip but I suppose that leaves room for another visit?


With their furry red hats, the train ride out of Disney was equally magical. I wonder what kind of turnaround time the staff had to place hats on all of their trains.

Magic, is what you believe in.

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