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鯛すし Tai Sushi @ Kyoto

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JPY 2,000 for a set of hand pressed sushi sounded like a value deal for Kyoto. So, I ditched the departmental store's food hall for this.



Upfront listed prices for sushi and drinks.


Reservations are probably not necessary since they are not even listed on most web pages and we were lucky to nab the last two seats in the boisterous restaurant of locals. I already like the idea we were dining amongst locals.

I did not even have to place the order since the lady behind the stove wiped the wooden counter and gestured if we were ready to begin our course. After this snap, I was gently chided against using my camera (at least that was what I understood).

Then it turns out that the locals were served other dishes like the one above, stove seared salmon skewer which obviously meant I needed a secret code.

The male chef proceeded to knead rice out of a bucket, press sashimi on top and serve them with wasabi and soy sauce. There was no order of serving, except these were placed infront of me when he was done.

And it moved so fast and I was already chewing as fast as I could but I ended up with five starring back at me when I barely started on the first.

The last two, purportedly with the priciest of ingredients - sea urchin and ikura. 

7 pieces, rice was horribly coarse and badly kneaded (I would have done a better job if I tried making my own sushi), raw fish were sliced way too thick (some fell off the sushi before I could even bring them close to my mouth) and we were both glad we reached our final pieces. None were particularly memorable.

Is this the kind of sushi locals are used to? For sure this is even one down from the conveyor belt sushi and my gamble with this joint did not pay off. 

鯛すし (Tai Sushi) 

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