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Soicoco @ Albert Court Village

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~Invited Session~

By normal standards, the months ahead signal a heatwave of some sort and the sales of iced drinks and ice creams soar. Coconut icecream has been my  one and only saviour in times of Chatuchak market trails and coconuts for scorching days in Singapore.

Soicoco specializes in coconut shakes and puddings and this Chinese New Year, they are sweetening things for their customers with a festive bundle of coconut puddings! Their coconuts are imported from Ratchaburi, one of the best regions for coconuts harvest.


Festive Bundle (4 Coconut Puddings) @ $18.80 (U.P. $20.80)
*Free delivery for 3 festive bundles and more.

This festive bundle comes with a special label design on each pudding with the words “富” (fu), “贵” (gui), “平” (ping), “安” (an), signifying SOICOCO’s wish to spread peace and prosperity through their coconut puddings.



Inspired by beancurd and their quest to provide guilt free desserts, coconut puddings made with coconut water and flesh were created!


Dig deep for the various layers of this pudding, first creamy then refreshing and a crunchy layer awaits at the bottom.


For those with a sweet tooth, organic gula melaka powder is a must, otherwise this wobbly jelly is great on its own.

There is a delivery fee of $15 for orders below $150.

The folks behind Soicocohave plans to expand their menu to include more coconut related products so look out for them in due course!


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