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SIN - TKY : Singapore Airlines

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Pre-flight nibbles at the lounge,  


The spread was very limited but people were still making a beeline for almost every station - including the drinks.


The chwee kueh was the best of the spread and the regulars made their point by swiping these off by the plates. This would rival the best in hawker center fare I'd say - down to the chilli and preserved turnips.


Tis the season to be merry, I was already feeling christmas in the cabin.

Inflight meals have been a gamble for me all the time and fickle pickle me would opt for both just for variety's sake. Dream is being able to book a cook on my flight to Tokyo but with the fare already costing so much, I had to be contented with my economy seat.

The full flight load with a near toilet seat was already as bummer as it sounds. The only saving grace is, we actually got our food first and nobody to bother me whenever I max out leaning my seat!


Hooray for hot towels before we start our meals, I've learnt to appreciate this after flying with the other commercial airlines.


And who still issues menus? I am still loving these service touch points every now and then.


And proper cutlery. I have eaten enough inflight meals to appreciate metal cutlery over plastic ones. 


Roasted Chicken with Asian Slaw

Made delicious with that zesty dressing on asian slaw - think som tum.


Baked Salmon Fillet with Cheese-Herb Crust in White Wine Sauce

Fish is a tricky protein to work with and these tend to be overcooked and bland, but surprise-surprise, this ended up a tastier course than the Japanese pork curry! How odd, really. 


Zensai, Japanese Cold Noodles, Japanese Style Pork Curry


The apppetizers were average at best, close to what the combinis offer. 


Unfortunately the pork curry tasted straight off an instant mix packet and pork tasted like cardboard.


These cha soba noodles were none the better either, clumped together and tasted of dough. Nowhere close to the smooth chewy noodles that I wished for.


Truth be told, I could be over expecting of airline food but this Japanese meal definitely fell short of expectations.


Icecream always sets all things right, except being pampered with Haagen Dazs on Cathay has made me quite the fussy eater here.


Tea time nuts.


Greedy us still had space for tomyum noodles.


And for the heck of it, cookies straight off the khong guan pack. 


Singapore Airlines, thank you for the voyage - though not the smoothest but it sure still ranks tops. 

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