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Shin Minori Revisited @ UE Square

~Invited Session~


One of my pet peeves about eating out during CNY is the dishes ordered will end up similar, how different can the same pot of pen cai or even steamed lotus leaf rice taste? On several occasions, we end up seeking alternative non-chinese cuisines for a change and end up eating Indian food because Japanese restaurants are usually closed till later in the new year.

I remember one particular popular Japanese buffet restaurant only opening on the 7th day of CNY because their chefs all went back to their hometown. Thankfully this year, Shin Minori is offering diners more choice this CNY by closing only on the first day!



Their yusheng is good for more than 10 and the salmon slices were cut really thick too. The only grouse I had with it was it is too sweet though we already toned down on the plum sauce.


Large Harvest Yusheng ($89.90) is good for 8-10 people and this is also available for takeaway with an extra sweet treat, buy one get one free! Extra orders of salmon sashimi and homemade fried fish skin are charged at $19.90 and $8.90 respectively.


This will be served complimentary for all tables of adult buffets ($55++) ordered on 27th and 29th January.

CNY pricing is as follows;

27th January Dinner
Adult: $55++ Child: $35++

29th January Lunch
Adult: $45++ Child: $35++

29th January Dinner
Adult: $55++ Child: $35++


Their buffet showcases an extensive range of dishes, from steamed to deep fried and ordering is made so easy through their online ordering system. No more orders lost in translation when a hapless waitress gets bogged down by too many hungry people. I placed orders for items that are not usually seen at buffets.

The good


One Mouth Crab Tempura

These crunchy morsels make great beer grub and were so addictive! I could not stop popping them into my mouth.


Grilled Quail Eggs with Salt
Grilled Eggplant with Salt
Grilled Pork with Garlic Seasoning
Grilled Home-made Japanese Fish Cake
Grilled Chicken Meat Ball with Sweet Soy Sauce
Chicken Cartilage


The yakitori items picked out were generally good except the vegetables which were on the dry side, perhaps from over cooking on the grill. I thought items like cartilage and gizzard were exotic and uncommon at a buffet.


Cod Roe Spaghetti

My rule of thumb is, anything with mentai tastes good. This arrived piping hot and while this reminded me of mee sua with its consistency, it was still a reasonably good attempt.


Seafood Salad   

This is tasty chirashi don without rice but served with greens.


Assorted Raw Seafood 

Every Japanese buffet's must have, the variety is key here. 


Cream of Crab Bean Paste Soup

My only grouse is this was served lukewarm, otherwise a hearty soup option.


Assorted Tempura Prawns/Fish/Vegetables

I found the batter on the thick side yet for a buffet this was reasonably good.


Pan-Fried Mix Vegetables

Can hardly go wrong with a vegetable stir fry, there's also beansprouts as a stir fry too!

The meh


Pumpkin Egg Custard

This was more steamed egg with sweet pumpkin sauce drizzled on top.


Kimchi with Pork Belly Fried Rice

Many a time kimchi fried rice is made available to please both the Korean preferences but why go to a Japanese place to eat Korean? This carb option had rice that was a tad undercooked. 

The once only


Chilled Noodles

I adored the springy noodles but just not such a fan of this pickled vegetable broth that it came with which was too sour for my liking.


Grilled Eel with Cream Cheese and Deep Fried Tempura Bits
Deep Fried California Roll topped with House Special Sauce

Kudos to the sushi chef for his sushi creations, there was just too many to attempt. These were too sweet and had too much going on even more a sushi roll, meh.

Have you booked your CNY feasts? Else just make a beeline for a hearty good time at Shin Minori.

Shin Minori
UE Square 

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  1. Went there for chinese new year. We were just seated and the waiter came and asked us to change our seat because another customer wanted to sit here. Why the special treatment? So we moved. Then the miso soup was served cold. There was hair on the gyoza and the food was not tasty. Could not even finish. The tablet crashed and we had to restart our orded. For $55++ it was terrible. Dont ever go. Terrible food and service. Very cold waiters. Extremely rude. Not worth having a special request or asking for anything. Total rip off. We were not given ang pow and had to beg for it..we ordered a drink they did not have it then we changed and wete still charged for the drink they did not have.