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Pool Grill Revisited @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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In this first post of the new year, I'm featuring one of the hidden gems of Orchard. Perhaps word has gotten out since and no longer is it that empty. Nonetheless, still a great place to unwind in buzzing Orchard.



This time round, the bread appeared a tad burnt on the edges. I still loved how soft it is and the accompany dips.


Classic Caesar Salad ($19)

I usually avoid ordering salads unless they are proven to be meant for carnivores and are actually larger than appetizer portions. What the small portions lacked, it made up for its crisp iceburg lettuce, bacon bits and that blue cheese dressing. Delicious!


Lobster Linguine ($32.50)
Lobster Butter, Avruga Caviar

It had to be the lobster that sealed the order for me.


Visually on point until the first twirl. Soggy noodles for a start and a bland lobster with a meek attempt of flavouring with cheap caviar.

Clearly I am not a fan.


Fish and Chips ($28.50)
Beer Battered Cod Fish, Chips, Remoulade Sauce

Thankfully these beer battered fish and chips scored with its crispy batter and old fashioned hand cut chips. Sigh, old is gold sometimes...don't you think?

I still like the vibe of this place, just choose the courses wisely!

Pool Grill
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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