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Mak's Noodle @ CenterPoint


Mak's Noodle now offers their signature noodle dishes in bigger portions, a huge plus point for Singaporean diners who have been giving feedback on how measly their original noodle portions are.


Abalone and Dumpling Tossed Noodle ($14.80)


The tastiest and priciest of the plates on the revamped menu with springy noodles (hooray, no alkaline taste!), plump and juicy meat wantons, baby abalones and a tasty drizzle of oyster sauce. This is as close to Hong Kong's wanton noodles as it can get.


King Prawn Tossed Noodle ($13.80)

This is exclusive to the CenterPoint outlet and is not commonly seen in most noodle shop menus. Shirmp roe powder sprinkled over dry noodles and served with a side of King Prawn. I have had very good shrimp roe noodles in Hong Kong and more shrimp roe powder would be preferred in Mak's local version.


Shiitake Mushroom and Fresh Prawn Wanton Noodle Soup ($4.90)


Shiitake Mushroom and Fresh Prawn Wonton Tossed Noodle ($8.80)


The alkaline flavour was more obvious by now and I prefer the soup version this time. Chives in soup does wonders to the taste profile.


Vegetable in Soup ($5.80)

Hongkong Chye Xin or Kailan can be selected for this blanched vegetable dish. It is a pity the wolfberries were not soaked long enough, otherwise they are just blanched vegetables in broth.


Mak's Noodle surprised me with the Abalone and Dumpling Noodle, a dish I would return for infact.

Mak's Noodle

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