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Luke's Lobster Rolls @ Hiro-o, Tokyo

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I was apprehensive about paying the ever famous Luke's a visit since a queue is almost guaranteed and so was the waiting time that can last anything from 30 minutes to over an hour.


And part of me was all ready to take on the queues like a champ with my wifi router and several rounds of phone games.

Thankfully, another outlet opened in the neighbourhood of Hiro-o, considerably central still and zero queues - hallelujah!!


Like a kid, I literally ran to the store upon sighting this familiar signboard from afar!


Made it to the counter before the queues started and hemmed and hawed over the menu - sorry to fellow diners behind me!




Beer for all occasions, especially those involving lobster rolls.


Lobster Roll US (JPY 1580)
Lobster and Shrimp Roll (JPY 1380)

Buttered toasted buns stuffed with mayo lathered lobster chunks, Sounds simple but I have eaten too many that fell short of expectations. Served chilled, these broiled lobsters are sweet and has a briney aftertaste.

Cold food in winter probably does not make much sense but (here's the catch), Luke's made cold food taste awesome possum. Between the shrimp and lobster, the no brainer answer would be lobster.

Only available at this particular outlet is grilled, steamed and fried lobsters with a series of craft beers too. Sounds like a perfect hangout on a Friday night already!


Luke's, chomped and burped. I will be back for the value for money lobster rolls - coincidentally or not, the best tasting too.

 Luke's Lobster Rolls

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