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Kisshokaryo @ Kyoto

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I was bent on eating warabi since Kyoto is famous for that and in the midst of scurrying through attractions and force feeding ourselves with so many meals, I had to slot in just one proper meal of warabi. Not discounting the fact that these specialty shops close so early, the more popular ones do not even have a proper schedule for opening and closing hours.


Kisshokaryo Kyoto has been dishing out sweet treats since 1934 and the quest for perfection has not stopped. Fine soy beans are the core of their business and they have not looked back since.


The two storey shophouse is home to a retail corner and also a cafe on the second floor.


From matcha jams to matcha powder and all things related to soybean, the range is quite extensive to spend a fair amount of time just browsing!




And in true Japanese style, limited editions of every sort and kind.


Warabi Mochi (JPY 810)

Bracken starch dumpling served with brown sugar syrup was the reason for this visit.  


The bracken starch dumpling like our mochi is first cut and powdered with soybean. Melt in the mouth mochi, it dissolves almost immediately and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. I love my mochi with a vengeance but warabi brings this love to a completely different level.

High class jelly? Only much better. 


Kinako Roll Cake (JPY 378)

I killed two birds with a single stone by also checking out their roll cakes too, charcoal sponge rolled with soybean cream and studded with warabi too. This however, showcased warabi in a different texture, they were definitely firmer here. As stuffed as we were, this was a piece of cake to eat - fluffy and very light!

Kisshokaryo Kyoto
306 Ishibashicho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto

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