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Ichiran Ramen @ Kawaramachi, Kyoto

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Dining in Japan can be a pain during peak seasons (which sounds like all year round, with few exceptions) and thank god for chains and convenience shops that do not require reservations! Ichiran Ramen had been on my list since the queues in Hong Kong snaked for 3 hours long and my travelogues hardly brought me to Japan until this visit - Instead of Tokyo which required at least 45 minutes to an hour's wait in line, I was thankful to find a newly opened outlet in Kyoto.

This outlet is possibly their largest, accommodating up to 100 odd diners at a single time and I suppose few would go to Kyoto just for Ichiran.



No queue in sight and I merrily walked my way to their vending machine - seriously, all dining experiences should be this fussfree and easy! I punched some options, was shown to a dorm walkway that brought us to a room with cubicles.


No interaction so far and even when the bamboo curtains are drawn open, it was only for the waiter to take my vending machine coupons and for me to fill up a form with my preferences. Curtains drawn once again.




My egg gets served first and I highly recommend deshelling it first - for that instagramable shot when noodles are served. I dilydallied way too much and ended up with softer noodles than desired (utterly my bad).


Tonkotsu broth brimming with umami in every slurp - so rich and collagen loaded, this was heaven on a wintry day. In true Ichiran fashion, slurp noisily and return an empty bowl with words of wisdom  scribbled below.



There is almost nothing to fault with Ichiran, noodles, egg, char siew and broth.


Bellies happy but that was my first and last visit during the trip.

Ichiran Ramen
Takoyakushi OKI Building 1F
598 Uraderacho Higashiiru Takoyakushidori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

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