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Davide Coffee Stop @ Iriya, Tokyo

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Iriya is a charming residential area in Tokyo and had it not been for dinner nearby, I'd probably not bother to check it out. We stumbled upon this cosy coffee join whilst walking to dinner - talk about distractions.

I was drawn by their tiffany blue tiles and window sills.



I'm not sure if the bartender is the owner, or if he is in any relation to Davide. Anyhow meet Mister moutasche, a little too cool for my liking but he speaks fluent English. Armed with a serious air (to us English speakers, he was completely friendly when speaking in Japanese), we made or two orders of coffee.


Tip or treat?


The husband was drawn to this Italian coffee maker, whilst I just loved the colours.


Single shot espresso and a black coffee. Both dark knights in their shining armours exuding an aromatic charm. I am no coffee connoisseur but these packed enough oil and roast in a cuppa


We found ourselves cosy seats in the attic floor - mind those stairs, bringing up my own cuppa was a balancing act of its own.



East side or west side, coffee was great and so was the whole vibe of the place. It is a pity the girly bits of cakes and muffins are not part of the menu else it would be a lovely place to while an afternoon away.

Davide Coffee Stop
2 Chome-3-1 Iriya, Taito

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