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Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon @ Ebisu, Tokyo

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I hesitated checking off Joel Robuchon during my Tokyo trip because there were a ton of other places I wanted to try and french is not the top of my list especially in Japan. If I can, every single meal would be Japanese food.

Yet, being on a personal mission to check off all his restaurants (we start with Asia first), I just had to and thankfully they had remaining seats for their Christmas Menu. No choice, just one menu.

Three of Chef Robuchon's restaurants in Tokyo have made their way into the Michelin starred list and the only one with the three star tag is Chateau Restaurant. Be sure to double check your reservation and even map because we ended up going to the wrong location!

Right in the neighbourhood of Yebisu, stands a French "Château" rebuilt stone by stone in homage to Moulinsart, which is Le Restaurant de Joël Robuchon.


Our coats get deposited at the counter and I am greeted by this christmas tree.




We get shown our seats in a room full of ladies in their Sunday's best and men in jackets.


Even my table decor looks exceptionally festive.


Their famous bread basket in its full glory. A trolley filled with their fresh bakes gets pushed over and a lengthy introduction to each of these goodies are made.


Exclusive to Japan are these freshly made buns and unknown to us, these on display are not for consumption. Upon ordering, the kitchen prepares them from scratch and that results in a long wait for the bread.


Ham and cheese and anchovy croissants, which one will you pick?


No meal is complete without a swig of red.


No unsalted butter at this outlet, only salted.



These rice puff and corn loaves fit into my palm nicely.


Both had a different texture, one fluffy and the other dense.


More of the delightful bakes, I actually found their selection not as delicious as Macau's. It could be the combination of just baguettes, brioches and milk pans which was not as comprehensive as the reset.  Infact, the selection here is different. I enjoyed the brioche best, light and crispy.


Sea Urchin served with a crustacean jelly and cauliflower cream

No stranger to this sea urchin appetizer, I was surprised on the first attempt and already looked forward to the second. This time it was served with more festive touches, glitter and shimmery bits.


Still a treat with the melt in the mouth jelly, creamy sea urchin and cauliflower cream so skillfully masked. I definitely cannot tell what went into the dish if I were blindfolded.


Chilled White Coco Bean Veloute served with Duck, Ham and Spicy Oil

Nutty chilled soup with well hidden bits of duck, ham and truffle shavings when stirred in. As with all the other vegetarian soups I have attempted, this is a stunning masterpiece.


Panfried Scallop and Dublin Bay Prawn served with a Broccoli Couscous

Loved the presentation and freshness of the ingredients however I was not blown away by the flavour profile of it. Broccoli couscous sounded more delicious than it tasted, panfried scallops and prawn were ordinary.


Kinmedai Fish and Abalone accompanied with a Winter Turnip Broth

Now we are talking Joel Robuchon with this course, Kinmedai excellently executed with the light searing on the skin and succulence retained in the meat. That winter turnip broth is synonymous with most winter dishes, somehow these comforting touches gave the fish course a winning touch. Strange or not but I am usually not a soup person, especially for main courses but this ranks tops.


Roasted Bresse Pigeon accompanied with Cabbage, Crushed Potatoes and Truffle Condiment

I expected chestnuts with pigeon - like christmas pudding and egg nog on the christmas menu. The duck course I had previously was so outstanding, this pigeon was missing out on the crispy skin that I loved. Otherwise, still one of the better versions of roasted pigeon around.


Grilled Beef served with Seasonal Vegetables and a natural gravy

And a French meal is incomplete without an order of steak.


Medium rare so wonderfully done. My beef with some restaurants is not getting their steak doneness right and on many occasions they arrived overcooked than under.


My very exquisite and luxurious looking palette cleanser, passionfruit, lime granita and gold flakes to bling things up.


Chocolate floating island with a Pistachio Custard

The server could not help but chime this was made with a christmas bauble in mind. Very fancy indeed, with their famous chocolate sphere filled with mousse and a very delectable pistachio custard with sea salt icecream.


I also had another version with just raspberry meringue, it was too light as if dessert never happened.


The thing about being pampered over lunch is, the courses never seem to end and surprises are sprung along the way. Our alcohol infused strawberries to end things off on a naughty note. And winter officially becomes my favourite season of the year, just because of these juicy and sweet strawberries.


I was looking out for their bedazzling petit four trolley since dessert left me with no choice. Zilch. So we had some madeleines, jellies and home made nougat.


Pop rocks too. How passe these sugar rocks are though.


I have been an ardent fan of Chef Robuchon and have my preferences on favourite JR restaurant to date, just not this outlet in Tokyo. Service is true to their French roots, austere and somewhat distant. Food from their festive menu takes a back seat in this outlet, few wow inducing moments and the opulent interior seemed to outshine everything else.

Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon
Yebisu Garden Place
1-13-1 Mita, Meguro-ku

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