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Butayaro @ Ochanomizu, Tokyo

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Buta-dons or pork rice bowls are considered quick fix meals and the thing is, what sets out to be quick fix usually ends up slower because of the queues!

So there we were past our usual dinner time and queueing by the narrow stairway wondering if I missed a footing, would I tumble three floors down.


We had to apparently make our orders through a rickety vending machine (goodness, how long has this technology existed for the machine to look this ancient?) and then go back in line. Everyone was cordial and gracious, none of the queue cutting nonsense that I get alot in other parts of Asia.


As expected, the sitting area is very limited and at any one point, only 10 diners can be accomodated in their eatery.


Watching Chef grill his meats was therapy. Flames dancing on the grill and the daft flipping of meats before they get an even tan from the grill before being neatly placed on a bowl of fluffy rice and drizzled with sweet sauce.


Pickled vegetables for a start, at 100 JPY this was a steal!


Onsen egg for another 200 JPY.


Very hearty and tasty bowl. I prefer if there was more meat than rice though the rice was really delicious -  fluffy, chewy and so fragrant! Japan's possibly the only place that I can eat rice every single meal and not get sick of it.


Food porn.


Dunking the onsen egg in was probably the best decision ever - runny egg yolk makes almost everything taste better! That creamy after taste and smokey flavours gave umami in every mouthful.

There are three sizes; small, medium and large.We went for the large and medium sized bowls which differed in the amount of rice mainly.


We bade farewell with our bellies full and yummy memories of dining in someone's kitchen.

3F, 2-6-15 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku

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