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Wah Kee Prawn Noodle @ Esplanade

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A legacy of 65 years, Wah Kee has found themselves in the favourite listings of politicians, celebrities and food lovers.With the launch of the Esplanade restaurant, gourmands can now enjoy classic hawker food in a cosy, air-conditioned environment. Orderswill be placed via iPads,which are poised to heighten efficiency and eliminate human errors like wrong orders. Hence, customers can look forward to a first-rate dining experience through and through. Despite these changes, the prices of the prawn noodles will remain affordable, going at just S$6 per bowl just a S$1 increase from the Pek Kio stall. 



Their prawns come in 3 sizes, regular, medium, large and extra large and prices start at $6.


Wah Kee Prawn Noodle with Large Sized Prawns ($20)


There is a choice of dry and soup for their signature prawn noodles. Opt for dry with their handmade springy noodles served with fried lard bits, blanched kangkong and their signature chilli sauce! Otherwise slurp up their soupy version with robust broth made from prawns only. 


Their prawns are fresh, crunchy and befits the price tag for prawn noodle even. I am no prawn mee fan but I lapped my bowl clean.  


Not forgetting a housemade secret recipe power chilli

Rojak Salad ($12)

This East-West-inspired rojak served with berries and mostly fried dough sticks is a decent attempt on our hawker classic. 

Fresh French Oysters and Fresh US Oysters ($48 per dozen)

These aphrodisiacs come with a medley of sauces - I still prefer mine straight up with lemon slices. 


Oyster Croquettes ($12)

The seafood version of burgerdil, crusted and deep fried. More oysters would be appreciated though!

Blue Mussel With White Wine ($30)

Steamed with white wine, these blue mussels actually tasted heavenly with their piping hot prawn stock - tip, ask for that to slurp them up!  


Bamboo Clams

This is a must order to go with their chilli and prawn mee stock.  


Also exclusive to this outlet is chilled black glutinous rice served with vanilla icecream. I found this a tad sweet.  



Other new dishes exclusive to this restaurant include fresh Boston lobsters, fresh oysters, French rojak salad, Wah Kees Style Seafood Oyster Omelette and more.  Seafood can be steamed or grilled and paired with their wine list! 


Arguably the best prawn noodles in my books, I will be back for more - those juicy prawns and broth!

Wah Kee Prawn Noodle
Esplanade Mall #01-13C

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