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The Drunken Poet @ Orchard Road


The Drunken Poet is one of those Irish Bars along Orchard Road that would be so easy to miss if one walks too fast or is too fascinated with the phone. On a sober day, this would be easy to spot given its striking exteriors and cute sounding name. On a totally unrelated note, being drunk does give courage - though I'm not sure  how many poets have written beautiful pieces with a fuzzy mind.


A pretty cosy restaurant by day!


All eyes on those packets of nuts - you mean, they aren't given free with drinks anymore? This just says how long I have not actually had a tipple by the bar anytime after 8pm.


Drinks on the tap.


I can imagine myself lounging in one of these cubicles - which begs the question, why haven't I? I've shunned away from bars for food because they are usually all deep fried and the environment is hardly ever conducive for proper conversations - unless at lunch, it seems.


Stout at any other time of the day is the right time. Just the right amount of froth with perfect positioning just above the harp - the things I learn so randomly over lunch!


Smoked Salmon Salad ($15)
Lemon Vinaigrette Salad

Salads are hard to wreck, this was almost bad because of the smoked salmon that had a rubbery texture.


Drunken Poet's Platter ($32)
1/4 Ribs, Spicy Red Bull Wings, Fish Bites, Onion Rings, Breaded Mushrooms

Portions are just good for three, great for two and too much for one. Expect to be very full from all the greasy deep fried food.


The wings and ribs were most outstanding in the platter. Who'd have thought that red bull wings peppered with sesame seeds would be such a finger licking yummy affair? Plus those saucy wings - just these two items alone is convincing enough that bar food ain't all that bad.


Everything on the platter was delicious - caveat: I am a fried food fan. Juicy fried mushrooms, crispy fish bites and onion rings too!

This was one satisfying yet super sinful meal - and finger food can actually be this delicious.

The Drunken Poet
400 Orchard Road, #01-29C Orchard Towers

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