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Salted and Hung Revisited @ Purvis Street

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I loved Salted and Hung so much the first visit, and could not resist the festive menu edms that were flooding my mailbox and headed back...only to order off their ala carte. Such an irony. 


Charcuterie ($28)
Chef's selection

I love their charcuterie boards, each encounter springs a lovely surprise.

Truffle honey and chilli

Pig Terrine
Sour Dough Piccalilli

Pig Trotter
Pickles and Sour Dough

Lardo was exceptional in this platter, looking like squid oozing with fat. Such is joy tucking into fat. 


Cumin crackers complete the charcuterie board.


Tripe ($15)
Togarashi, Szechuan, Caponata

Bummer is selling out on pig's ears but these tripe chips are still the diggity bomb! Crispy keropok with a spongeyness to it.


Beef Tongue ($16)
Wasabi Emulsion, Pickled Onions, Shallot Crisps

I always feel so bad eating tongue - the tender tongue and burst of flavours from the pickled onions and shallots does down play the guilt. The cow definitely got de-tongued for a good reason!


Hamachi Collar ($28)
Lard, Kale, French Beans

This second attempt was under whelming being served lukewarm. On point with the flavours, yet this could be the last I'd be ordering it for a while.


Kale ($10)
Nori, Cheese, Nuts, Burnt Butter

My favourite super food stir fried with nori and butter, yummiest greens alive!


Green Tomatoes ($12)

Grilled tomatoes with a smear of blue cheese cream tasted really good. I would have expected these green babies to be raw but they were in between the sweet juicy reds and sour greens.


Iberico Collar ($42)
Apple, Nuts, Mustard

Pork collar is my most favourite part of the hog next to the belly - a completely different texture and flavour altogether. The sinewy slices cooked medium are incredibly juicy, and paired with nuts, mustard and sugar shards makes for a well balanced dish.


Hanging Steak Tender ($72)

I was looking forward most to this chalkboard special, just inhaling the colours was good enough to whet the appetite. That blackened char and ruby red are signs of a perfectly executed steak dish and fair enough, I was in for a treat! I loved how the steak tender melted in my mouth, without any other fancy garnishing apart from the cheese mousse.


Chocolate Salami ($16)
Salted Caramel Icecream, Gooseberries

This sent a sugar rush with a creamy salted caramel icecream and bittersweet nutty chocolate confectionery.


Peanut Butter Tim Tams ($16)
Bergamot, Ganache, Chocolate Icecream

Twice as charmed, I can never get enough of these handmade tim tams! Chocolate and peanut butter can hardly go wrong!


Their home made icecreams are quite the bomb too, please sell the pints?


Anzac biccies to end off the meal - no surprise by the second visit but I was looking forward to them all night long!


1 for 1 beers till 8pm sounds like a happy deal!



Anzac Biccies ($6)
Bacon, Salted Caramel

And of course, I had to bag some home to reminisce these crunchy babies. There is just something about caramel, bacon and cookies that works like magic.

The second time less charmed but still enamoured. Still one up from the other restaurants.

Salted and Hung
12 Purvis Street

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