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Ninja Cut @ Seah Street


Ninja Cut's squid bowls made their rounds on instagram before I made my reservation and end up not eating it. What an irony. Granted the dishware that the food was served in were huge - and pretty too. Lights were on point, hence the beautiful pictures too.







Oceans of Mentaiko ($18)
Mentaiko Butter Cream Sauce, NZ Mussels, Hokkaido Scallops, Prawns, Toast

This would have been a chowder, deconstructed. Mentaiko butter on toast was already tasty enough, honestly anything with mentaiko is good enough to make the dish sing.


What's Your Beef? ($18)
Roast Beef Ribeye, Grilled Corn Furikake, Sauteed Mushrooms, Onsen Egg, Honey-Glazed Carrots, Garlic Chips


We swopped the rice for greens and turned out to be a reinterpretation of  bimbimbap gone skinny. The flavours were lacking though colours more than made up for it.


The Cheeky Cheese ($18)
24 Hour Braised Japanese Curry Beef Cheek, Garden Greens, Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I possibly got obsessed the imagery of melted cheese strings in a cheese sandwich which resulted in a slightly skewed expectation since this was neither stringy nor melty. Just a regular cheese sandwich and a flavourful beef cheek curry.


Sweet Potato Fries ($10)
Mentaiko Cream, Torched Marshmellow, Bacon Bits, Melted Cheese

I seriously concede defeat in the name of whims and fancies. And to think, it was over marshmellows. I like the idea of melted cheese on fries (visually it looks awesome), but the cheese did not stay melted for long which then defeated the purpose of having melted cheese on it. Overall beautiful on paper and that was it.

Before I completely strike this place off as just another instagram-friendly venue, I would classify this as another brunch alternative.

Ninja Cut
32 Seah Street

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