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Lan Ting @ East Coast Road


Having been an Eastie for most part of my life I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon another new eatery along the stretch of Springvale. Lan Ting, a relatively new restaurant is home to casual cantonese fare.


Dine or wine, they have both. Private dining is also available too.


Lan Ting's menu has a range of handmade dimsum items as well as dishes and there are a total of 30 items made fresh daily.


Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Pork Floss "Har Gow" ($6.80, 4 pieces)

Pork floss topping gave this har gow additional bite and crunch.


Steamed Black Truffle Pork Dumpling with Quail Egg "Siew Mai" ($6.20, 4 pieces)

The surprise for this was in the form of an embedded quail's egg and truffle fragrance.


Steamed Rice Roll with Dough Fritter ($7)


Also fondly known as Zha Leong, rice roll wrapped around a fried dough fritter stuffed with prawn paste. That in itself is already a mouthful pronouncing, much less eating. Nonetheless, a delicious one.


Mushroom Lava Bun ($5.80, 3 pieces)


Disguised as mushrooms, these fluffy buns pack a molten and savoury-sweet filling of salted egg yolk. Pretty decent attempt and one of the more delightful versions around.


Foie gras with wanton skins and drizzled with a sweet sauce. Their attempt to marry the east and the west was reasonable from a price and value point of view.


The irresistible wasabi sauce prawn and seared scallop, both very beautifully plated. Loved the flavours of the dish and usage of pomelo and mango for that fruity aftertaste.


Now meet the latest addition of mango duck - a roasted crispy skinned duck served with mango sauce and mango slices.


One sexy babe in that glistening layer of oil, this could be mains and dessert in a single course - tuck into those meaty thighs and end off with a sweet note.


Crispy tofu topped with preserved radish and chives was a hearty course. I love my tofu fried, it's exceptionally wholesome topped with vegetables and eaten with rice too.


White beehoon made Punggol Settlement famous, Lan Ting's version is flavoured with crunchy prawns and shallots.


Great for sharing, this white beehoon could do with an extra side of chilli padi.


Chilled Beancurd Cream of Mango, Sago and Pomelo ($6.80)

I'm not sure how and when this is the quintessential dessert to end off a cantonese meal. Their version had a good balance of sweet and tangy,  though I must admit I was most interested in the soya beancurd floating on top.

If you happen to be in the East, do consider Lan Ting as a reasonably priced dining location.

Lan Ting
01-02 Springvale, 907 East Coast Road

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