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Gallery and Co Revisited @ National Art Gallery

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I find my favourite haunt invaded by more likeminded diners and museum goers - which only spells one thing, trouble. Waiting times have gotten longer and portions smaller but the food is still good. I just wonder how long more my interest can be sustained if I would need to queue forever and wait for a table next time.


Truffle Konbu Fries ($10.50)

Rather ordinary fries with truffle oil and truffle bits sprinkled. If all else fails, just order the steak frites for the fries which come with it anyway.


Brocoli Salad ($9.80)

I'd wish for bigger portions, loved the asian dressing and how the most unlikely salad ingredients were tossed in a single bowl and pulled off with such finesse. And did I say this was just salad?


Spiced Lamb and Creamy Ricotta Parcels ($17)
Moroccan spiced lamb, roast pumpkin, filo pastry, caramelised onions, honey buttered almonds

Second's the charm with this Mediterranean parcel, the gameyness of the lamb was somehow more subtle here. I am still a fan of that filo pastry, pumpkin and ricotta with an occasional lamb morsel.


Otak Otak Taco ($17)
Battered mackeral otak, roasted corn, fresh herbs salsa, chilli aioli, fresh lime

The mackeral otak fritter was a tad soggy this time but there is no slowing down of this spectacular number - spicy and bursts of flavour in every bite. This is east meets west combination worked its charm on me, yet again!


Chicken Dumpling and Quinoa ($17)

This clearly sought inspiration from the mee soto, herby and hearty with those plump chicken dumplings. Rainy day food, only heaps better.


Soy Ginger Salmon ($21)

Selling point of this is the crispy skin which crinkles and oozes those joyful omega 3 oils forcing a grin on the face of the diner. Yes that was me with a ridiculous grin after that first bite of this grain bowl. I'd have preferred if the salmon was not cooked so thoroughly, rendering it too cooked for me but all was tasty in the dish.


Honey Glazed Grilled Iberico Pork Collar ($24)
Tamari butter boiled mushrooms, mixed green salad, lime vinaigrette

I am still a fan of this amongst their hot grain plates, the honeyed pork collar laced with a generous sliver of fat - cues melt in the mouth and butter boiled mushrooms were enough to bring tasty to a whole new level altogether. If there's just space for one hot grain dish, make this the one.


Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($9.50)

I hemmed and hawed over this through so many visits, and finally caved in despite having ordered a table full of food.

Fluffy and light sponge cake with gula melaka kissed grated coconut lathered between the layers before that finishing touches of buttercream. Mamma mia, it was truly ondeh ondeh in a cake with the elements captured in one.

Onward to more visits and delicious plates!

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