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Celebrate December with Polar's Lesser Sugar cakes and logcakes!

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Polar Puffs and Cakes (Polar) has rolled out two new series of cakes for its customers to enjoy this December. Foodies can now choose from a healthier range of “Lesser Sugar” cakes, tasty and wholesome treats for the whole family, and/or an indulgent selection of Christmas log cakes.


This new healthier series of cakes is part of Polar’s initiatives to fight diabetes in Singapore, which has the “second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations”. With the “Lesser Sugar” cakes, customers are still provided with tasty options that are lower in sugar.


Mixed Mango Fruit ($32.00, with 70% lesser sugar) has the most reduction in sugar from their range of "Lesser Sugar" cakes and I was definitely surprised at how much sugar goes into their regular cakes! Taste was slightly compromised though still pretty to look at but I suppose for health, it is definitely better to eat healthier for a longer road ahead!

The rest of the range includes -  Black Forest ($28.00, with 35% lesser sugar), the Chocolate Mousse ($29.90, with 35% lesser sugar), the Chocolate Truffle ($30.90, with 30% lesser sugar), and the Strawberry Square ($30.80, with 35% lesser sugar).


In line with the festivities, Polar is also offering a selection of charming Christmas log cakes such as the Opera Christmas Love ($41.80), a French-inspired chocolate and coffee creation.



This is their famous chocolate rolls dressed in christmas colours and decorations! I've always been a fan of their sugar rolls and this is definitely on my favourite list.

The other flavours include Yuzu White Christmas ($41.80), a fluffy vanilla sponge with a delicate yuzu flavour, and the Rustic Log ($39.80), a chocolatey indulgence infused with the richness of milo. The Joyful Fruity ($30.80), a marriage of moist cake and candied delights, is also not to be missed.

Customers can purchase their “Lesser Sugar” cakes at all Polar stores and its online store, and the Christmas treats can be bought from all stores, with selected Christmas treats available from its online store.\

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