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Bird Bird @ Frankel Avenue

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Chef Bjorn Shen of Artichoke has opened another concept eatery - focusing on the feathery fiends. Hence, bird bird. Each of his popups and subsequently eateries have gone down the path of awakening one's senses, be it the way they are named (Bird Bird, Neh Neh Pop and...Luf You Dip Dip?) well, or just the cuisine itself (Dude-Singaporean anyone?)

Frankel Estate needs no further introduction but this jab of new blood is indeed refreshing.



Soup Of The Day ($6)

Ajumma would be proud of this rendition, spicy and tangy with kimchi bits in every slurp. I loved the tangyness of the broth and definitely gives minestrone a good run for its money.


Big Mac Fried Rice ($24)
150g USDA Grain Fed Striploin, Special Sauce, Burnt Cheese, Fresh Veg, Fried Egg

This is another korean inspired dish with the makings of a western bimbimbap. Colours, fluffy rice and vegetables had their boxes checked except this had an extra dash of cheese and the egg was barely runny. Toss them well for a hearty meal!


Birdhouse Special ($24)
Fried Chicken, Chunky Mash, Country Sausage Gravy, Cornbread Waffle, Green Goddess Coleslaw

No visit to Bird Bird is complete without ordering their signature fried chicken.

Birdhouse special has fried chicken done in your choice of spice - if any at all. Original or stupid spicy and the latter it was! Masochist me was hoping for some heat in my bird, best if I ended the night snorting away.


Turns out, stupid spicy was barely spicy in the language of a chilli padi fan. Barely could squeeze a drop of sweat even, much less a tear. It was just well, fried chicken. Nothing out of the ordinary that Colonel Sanders would be wary of.

Corn waffle was limp and green slaw amazing.


The next best thing had to be the sausage gravy - oily, fattening and so yummy.


Bringing my chick out for a dunk. Hurhur.


Crispy Chicken Sammich ($18)
Fried Chicken Patty, Curry Rub, Green Goddess Coleslaw, House Pickles, English Muffin, Curly Fries, Sriracha Mayo

Another fried food course, with a chicken patty this time. No surprises pulled here, though I loved the sriracha mayo for that mild spiciness. A fried chicken breast would have been more wholesome. 


Fish Of The Day ($26)


Fried salmon chunks with the same batter and dipping sauce. I say stick with the chicks.

On the whole the restaurant had a lovely vibe, dish names were tongue in cheek but missing out some finesse.

Bird Bird
97 Frankel Avenue 

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