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Yan @ National Art Gallery


National Art Gallery somehow found a place in my food-tionary and I have been checking off their food and beverage establishments one at a time. Yan, belongs to a completely different section of NAG, infact the extreme end from Odette but super near Gallery and Co.

Specializing in Cantonese fare, Yan offers ala carte and omakase options.


Prawns cooked in dual styles deep-fried with thousand island sauce and wasabi-mayo ($36)

Crispy battered prawns in two styles and while wasabi mayo is the preferred choice most of the time, both versions tasted similar. No clear favourite here.


Sautéed scallops with fresh mushrooms and asparagus ($36)

Bouncy scallops in such countable quantities, I always have a love-hate dilemma ordering scallops at a chinese dinner.


Sweet and sour pork with fresh pineapple ($20)

Deep fried pork nibblets doused in a tangy pineapple and tomato sauce which made for a super delicious dish that I can never resist ordering. Loved the wok hei and flavours put together - just the right balance infact.


Sauteed Beef Cubes with Ginger, Spring Onion and Vinegar ($28)

Beef cubes were expectedly tender except the ginger slices were cut a tad too thick.


Seasonal Greens Wok-fried with X.O. Sauce ($27)

X.O. sauce made the dish pop, a different order from the usual garlic stir fry.


Braised Eefu Noodles ($27)

Lacking in wok hei here (very strangely) and somewhat soggy, almost an expected disappointment even after that stunning plate of sweet and sour pork.


Chilled mango crème with sago and fresh peel pomelo ($8)


Chilled apricot with sea coconut and basil seed ($8)


Steamed custard bun filled with salted egg yolk (3 pieces) ($6)

I always look forward to dimsum at dinner, infact, I'd be happy to have brunch all day long. This custard bun with salted egg yolk bore traces of coconut milk and was more sweet than savoury. A pretty decent drippy affair. 

A mediocre affair at Yan's and this was heard within ear shot in cantonese "These two tables are using the entertainer app, be careful what you recommend." Service was not great but clearly, better at the full paying tables. I am already miffed at the difference in service standards and the average food perhaps justified for a no-return.

National Art Gallery

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