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Xin Cuisine Revisited @ Holiday Inn Atrium

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Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Atrium remains one of the underrated chinese restaurants and I wonder why - especially when the decor is inviting, decent food and recently they launched an all you can eat weekend buffet lunch offer.

Anyhow I opted for a weekday yumcha session instead - I am unfortunately at a stage where stuffing myself silly for my money's worth is not in vogue.


Shrimp Dumpling ($6)

All was fine and dandy until the translucent skin tore with a mere lift. An almost epic fail in the face of delicate handiwork though the succulent shrimps made up for it.


Pork Dumpling ($6)

These were probably oversteamed until the fish roe dissolved into the dimsum.


Turnip Cake ($5.50)

Tasty turnip cakes topped with a scallop XO sauce, oh yummy!


Minced Pork and Century Egg Porridge ($5)

Way too salty for comfort this turned out to be, good to skip and save the calories on.


Crispy Beancurd Skin ($7)

Seaweed and mango gave this fried beancurd skin dish an added twist - delicious with vinegar pairing too. 


Steamed Pork Bun ($5.50)

These were definitely ordered to fulfill the list of dimsum staples, another of those fluffy buns with roast pork within. I very much prefer my char siew baos with a thicker pau layer.


Scallop Dumpling with Salted Egg Sauce ($7)

Somewhat over the top with this plated dish, scallops and salted egg worked but not the presentation. What can a single dragonfruit ball and cherry tomato do beyond looking pretty?


Spicy Dumpling ($4.50)

Chinese dumplings gone singaporean but the spicy sauce was hardly complementary.


Xiao Long Bao ($8)

Likewise for these juicy bulbs - Din Tai Feng still does these truckloads better!


Scallop Dumpling ($9)

This deconstructed dumpling has both the broth, stuffing and silken skin combined. That dash of vinegar made for a hearty soup.


Meat Rice Flour Rolls ($6)

A letdown with thick doughsticks and meat stuffing that made this very dry.


Lemongrass Sorbet ($10)

This was almost laughable inspite of its description in flowery language, jelly with canned longan, topped with lime juice and a rock hard lime sorbet and blueberries thrown in. A dessert I'd have put together so haphazardly on my own. Unimpressed much.

Unlike Tien Court, I enjoyed their dinner alot better than yumcha. So then - I'd propose going to Tien Court for lunch and Xin Cuisine for dinner if you are around the area.

Xin Cuisine
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