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Summer Palace Revisited @ Regent Hotel

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Summer Palace ranks high on my list of favourite chinese restaurants locally, not just because I am a Regent graduate bride but the quality of food has remained consistent through the years.


Even the pickled appetizer had so much attention paid to it with diced carrots rolled into radish.


Beancurd with Spinach ($48)

No ordinary beancurd order that came with a blanket of crabmeat. What are the odds of having a soupy dish that does not end up soggy? Plenty of skill infact. Loved the silken beancurd, a very slurpworthy crabmeat gravy that could be passed off as a broth by itself and the bed of spinach beneath!


Fish Noodles with Mushrooms ($48)

Admittedly I have a soft spot for fish noodles, these require a ton of hard work from mixing the fish paste to skillfully making noodles out of them.


Salted Egg Yolk Prawn ($38)


Pork Ribs with Shrimp Paste ($32)

An intricate dish with pork ribs and shrimp paste woven into one juicy fried pork rib.


Pan Fried Lamb with Garlic ($32)

I was expecting lamb in bone though hence the surprise with slices which actually required more skill to retain its juices. On the gamey side but enjoyable. 


Chicken with Almond Flakes ($30)

Lemon chicken gone up market with a coating of almond flakes and generous douse of lemon sauce.


Eggplant with Yam Ring ($30)

With a vegetarian menu available, I was actually drawn to this particular yam ring dish. Eggplant fritter nuggets doused in sweet sauce and served in a yam ring. Yam rings somehow remind me of childhood and birthday celebrations - strangely, this and noodles are a must order for the older folk. On the sweet side and terribly addictive but I am not so sure if I would give up chicken for eggplant.

Tasty courses with the selections made, I suppose one can never quite go wrong with the double hat chef recommendations.

Summer Palace
Regent Hotel

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