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Mysisterbakes Drip Cake

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"A woman without her sister, is like a bird without wings."

How cheesy, but that pretty much sums up my relationship with my sister. Love-hate and it blossoms into one that sees me doing the most romantic things which her husband is grateful for (since I take it off his back!).

Drip cakes are all the rage these days, and are the only fads that I follow so eagerly. I mean who can say no to a pretty cake?


I had my drip cake customized by the lovely team from Mysisterbakes. And to be fair, I was apprehensive - afterall instagram worthy creations have at all times if not most times been a let down.

Ordering was so simple, just a checklist of my top 3 toppings and choice of colours and flavour and my cake was on its way to me. Cannot get easier, can it?


Chocolate salted caramel cake it was with lilac and pink ombre sides topped with macarons, kinder buenos and fruits. Despite all the sugar piled on, the cake itself was hardly sweet, infact just the right balance and that cake's fluffiness! We all loved it to the cake board and back, non sweet tooths included. My main grouse was really the buttercream cracking at the edges but this instagram favourite gets a vote from me for yummy!

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