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Mid-Autumn 2016: Mei Jiang @ Peninsula Bangkok

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Once upon a time, these custard mooncakes were a whole new world to me. Up to this year's Mid Autumn where flying to Hongkong was not suffice to land a box of them babies. Aye, Hongkongers are really hardcore when it comes to eating up a storm and they were sold out way before the festival proper.

By a strange stoke of luck, I bumped into them at Bangkok's Mooncake fair! Except this time, they were under a different restaurant name.


Mei Jiang restaurant is Peninsula Bangkok's chinese restaurant and surprise surprise, mooncakes are very much celebrated in Bangkok as they are everywhere else! The packaging definitely lost some points for grandeur and pomp, but these are easily a third of the price in Hongkong.


Visually these looked half baked and that motif was barely discernible.


Yet these were really delicious, almost the same as the memorable first though not 100%. Melty mooncake skin encasing a blend of sweet and savoury. Good enough to satisfy those cravings till the following year! 

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