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Macarons by WinifredKristeCake

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Mention Winifred Kriste and her gorgeous customized wedding cakes come to mind - and since getting married only happens once in a lifetime, the only non-wedding confectionery that I could sample were her macarons. And even then, these come with a stoke of chance -they only do preorders at pop ups for these treats.


Seven of these top 7 flavoured colourful babies made their way into my cart - putting my fastest fingers first skills to such great use. Sold out in just 24 hours of posting too.


So how they they measure up?

Salted Egg Yolk
Pistachio Praline
Caramelised Cookie
Raspberry Chocolate
Cranberry Cheesecake
Lavender Earl Grey Chocolate

Beautiful sounding flavours in beautiful hues - except they were not uniformly shaped. Some ended up larger than the rest and fitted oddly into their macaron box. Delicate crumbly shells sandwiching their flavoured innards. I won't say I was blown away (and truth be told, to topple the bar set by Pierre Herme is mission impossible) though chewy shells would have been nice, and this was one of those eat to check out the hype situations.

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