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Kam's Roast @ Pacific Plaza

~Invited Session~


By now, it is no secret that two timed Michelin starred Kam's Roast has swam its way up our shores and invaded Pacific Plaza with their award winning roast dishes.


The appetizers of chilled cucumber and black fungus were actually tasty and mildly spicy too. 


Suckling Pig
Roast Pork

Teething problems may have got in the way of serving up a piping hot platter but that said, both still retained that crunch when teeth was sunk into the skins.


Roast Duck

While the famous goose is nowhere to be found, the management has promised discussions with NEA are underway and in the near future, fans need not flap all the way to Hong Kong for the legendary. Well, one can only hope and keep calm right?


The roasted cousin, the duck was perfected after rounds of blind taste tests and even their regulars could not tell them apart, it seems.

I would beg to differ on this, however.  Though same, but there are differences somewhat. The chef certainly nailed that signature crispy skin and tenderness but there is indeed more bite in the goose than duck and an unmistakable lingering fragrance in the latter.

Dig deep for those braised yellow beans that pack a chewy bite too and the lard packed gravy that promises a satisfying and sinful meal.


Drizzle over rice, the best combination ever.

Soya Sauce Chicken

Less outstanding than the duck, though more tender than the usual roast and steamed white chickens I usually eat.


‘Toro’ Char Siu, Char Siu

Before this, I'd have ranked KL's char siew one up from ours. Until these amazing babies, the game is reversed.


'Toro' Char Siu aptly named is the winning dish for me with that perfect belly fats and meat ratio, rendering this completely melt in the mouth. The tuna belly of char siu, literally.

The normal char siu also worked well for me, loved the bite though some consider it too tough but the flavours and sticky sauce were amazing!


Wonton Noodles

Alkaline noodles served with chives, sorry not a fan.


Red Bean Soup with Aged Orange Peel

Exclusive to Singapore, one has to love her red bean soup slightly bitter to appreciate this.


Queues are expected since the queues at their flagship in Hongkong peaked at 150 in queue just the same weekend as its opening. The struggle is real - stay in Singapore for their spot on char siu or pay for a ticket for a shot at their geese.

Kam's Roast
9 Scotts Road, #01-04/05/06/07 

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