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Halia Revisited @ Raffles Hotel

I have lost count on the number of encounters I've had with Halia - which really could only mean one thing, it must be good enough for revisits.


Their outlet at Raffles Hotel has undergone some renovations and their signature tree still remains in the middle of the restaurant though the other trees were already removed. Makes for a really iconic center piece don't you think?


On top of the regular events, they dabble in events too as seen from this party set up.


Meals at Halia are always memorable.


Seaweed and Wasabi Fries ($6)

Fries always make for great appetizers and conversation enablers. I loved the wasabi mayo dip which was the table favourite too, gone too fast!


Deep-fried Risotto Cake ($8)
Basil Mayo

These fried risotto cake balls actually held up pretty well and could retain its shape after dunking in the mayo bath. Never quite thought risotto balls would be this delicious.


Chilli, Hazelnut, Radish Salad ($6)
Ginger flower dressing

Measly portions but I suppose good things do come in small packages, loved the asian flavours in this refreshing side.


Grilled Prawn Pasta ($35)
Linguine, garlic butter, bacon, chilli, calamansi, garlic, chive lobster stock

This could pass off as a western version of hae mee, that chive lobster stock was so robust - certainly wins prawn stock hands down. Slurpworthy with hints of smoked bacon, garlic butter and heightened with dashes of calamansi.


Halibut En Papillote ($44)
Sushi rice, wakame, cucumber, shiitake, mirin broth, shallot butter, truffle aioli

I am glad this Botanic Gardens favourite made its way into the Raffles Hotel menu. The rainy weather comforting meal for the soul, tasty right till the last drop with the equally delicious sushi rice.


Pan-Seared Seabass ($36)
Baked noodle, bacon, mix vegetable, bonito nori, aioli, miso dressing

Job well done on the seabass, stingy  on that shanghai green and fritata. I wish portions can be bigger because the last thing any diner likes is to finish the meal and still feel hungry.


Braised Johnstone Short Rib ($42)
Crispy potato, mushroom puree, celery, shallots, celeriac, asparagus, red radish, own jus

I usually shun away from short ribs because they end up too tender and bland. This had a lovely bite still and was tasty on its own without the jus. Once again, portion was no larger than my palm.


Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10)
Date, butterscotch sauce, sea salt, vanilla icecream 

Almost synonymous with Halia as their chilli crab pasta, I can never leave Halia without ordering one. Buttery icecream and the warm sticky date cake and toffee sauce. This was probably one of the first few toffee puddings to strike and impression and when the fads have faded, still stands so strong.

Halia did end on a good note but portions need some re-working still.

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