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Gallery and Co @ National Art Gallery

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Gallery and Co is not just another art gallery cafe - I used to belittle these joints at galleries because none have impressed and who would have more time beyond viewing art pieces anyway? Turns out, this take away and dine in area was the sole reason for heading to the National Art Gallery.



These cakes were too tempting, especially the ondeh ondeh cake.


Grilled Beef Salad ($16.80)
Angus Bistro Fillet, Ginger Soy, Green Papaya Asian Slaw

Seared beef fillet on a bed of papaya salad which hit all notes of appetizing with a surprise within. I would have expected this just to be the usual western salad topped with beef and drizzled with an asian dressing but this was more than that. No wonder the waitress let slip her favourite appetizer is their salads!


Crab and Shrimp Fritters ($15)
Crabmeat, Shrimp, Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, Scallions, Kaffir Lime Aioli

Deeemed as greasy and can be jelak but this is what finger food should be - it looks so good to use my hands to eat. Seeking inspiration from the Japanese vegetable tempura, this is delicately fried and encases chunks of ingredients - vegetables, shrimp and crabmeat. Dunk them in the aioli and enjoy! 


Mushroom Pasta ($15)
Roasted Mushrooms, Cream Sauce, 63 Degree Egg, Truffle Oil

The innocent looking mushroom pasta turned out to be the best cream pasta I have eaten locally. And for once, the 63 degree egg was more than just ornamental and the cream sauce was more than just milk and heavy cream. Egg, cream and truffle oil actually tosses up a mighty delicious meal on its own.


Otak Otak Taco ($17)
Battered mackeral otak, roasted corn, fresh herbs salsa, chilli aioli, fresh lime


Otak fritter and sandwiched in a taco topped with a delicious spread of corn, salsa and lime. Flavours are easy to decipher and this local-mexican delight won my vote in just one bite. Crispy batter encasing a spicy otak with tangy condiments made mamma mia of this.


Steak and Fries ($28)
Confit shallots


I can hardly resist steak and fries since both have a stronghold in my meal preferences. Medium doneness inspite of its overcooked exterior with those fries and salad. Simple to order and so difficult to go right.  Gallery and Co definitely did this justice, even without the fanfare of french cuisine  or a fancy shmancy steak place.


Spiced Lamb and Creamy Ricotta Parcels ($17)
Moroccan spiced lamb, roast pumpkin, filo pastry, caramelised onions, honey buttered almonds


Lamb and cheese was an audacious pairing since both have tendencies to be gamey and pungent. Tender lamb cubes with that creamy ricotta in a crispy filo pastry was already delicious. Throw in a wedge of pumpkin and almonds, I was in for a party in my mouth.


Honey Glazed Grilled Iberico Pork Collar ($24)
Tamari butter boiled mushrooms, mixed green salad, lime vinaigrette

I would consider this a fad dish since rice bowls were recently revived with hip ingredients like raw fish, onsen egg and the likes. Pork collar had me hollering for more, those honeyed sinewy pieces that tasted so good on its own - the appetizer sans carbohydrate version would work wonders. Throw in buttered mushrooms and a dash of vinaigrette and suddenly hot grains became a hip dish. Loved the hip and taste factor of this.


Spice Roast Chicken Leg ($17)
Coriander Garlic Pesto, Eggplant Salad 

Another grain dish on the list with the pesto lathered all over the chicken leg and served with an eggplant salad which probably did not look like much at first glance. Unearth a world of possibilities beneath that chicken leg which was a mishmesh of belachan, grains  and raisins. This tasted like chicken briyani deconstructed already. Subtle flavours in this delicious dish. Between the pork collar and chicken, I'd have to say home run belonged to the hog!


Popular amongst parents and young children on weekends, I would advise against visiting then if a quiet respite is what is needed.

Plenty to love at Gallery and Co, another loved Unlisted Collection outlet added to the list of favourites.

Gallery and Co
National Art Gallery

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