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Canton Paradise @ I12 Katong


Canton Paradise is running a too good to resist weekday tea time promotion - 50% off all dimsum items and that made my weekday more than happy. Prices listed below are before discount.


Baked Black Truffle Chicken Bun ($5.80)

These glazed babies are on the sweet side and made up of mostly minced chicken fillings with that mild waft of truffle oil.


Fried Prawn in Beancurd Skin ($5.30)

Prawn paste rolled in beancurd skin and deep fried hardly goes wrong, especially with a dose of vinegar too.


Steamed Prawn Dumping ($5.80)


Steamed Pork Dumpling ($5.80)

Tasty morsels that are my usual yumcha suspects though they are pretty decent.


Steamed Rice Roll with Fried Dough Stick ($4.90)

Dough sticks were on the soggy side and rice rolls draped over it, nothing to scream about but I always cannot resist ordering these.


Steamed Glutinous Rice ($4.90)

Moist and fluffy rice parcel meant for the hungry, granted these are not huge to begin with but glutinous rice always fills me up.


Prawn Beancurd Skin Laksa ($5.80)

A local twist was added to this beancurd skin dimsum - lemak laksa gravy that actually worked! It probably did not look like much but would have gone well with a bowl of laksa.


Spare Ribs with Black bean ($4.60)


Chicken Claw with Black Beans ($4.60)


Jumbo Prawn Wanton Mee ($9.50)

Now now, wanton mee is contentious in my food-tionary. The best ones are hand pulled without the alkaline taste though some love the alkaline taste. This version made the Hongkonger grin, lovely springy noodles and those bouncy wantons. At under $10, this is quite the steal with great flavour and texture captured in one bowl.


BBQ Honey Pork Bun ($5.80)

Popularized by Tim Ho Wan, these barbecued buns have made their rounds on most of the dimsum menus - Canton Paradise included.


I found the bun too soft and on the limp side though the char siew filling was tasty.


Mini Egg Tart ($4.30)

These pint sized babies always bring about a huge dilemma - how many to eat? For its sheer size, I'd say eat all three but the sin that comes knocking on doors later is regretful. So then, flaky babies with a pretty decent egg custard filling.


Custard Bun ($4.90)


And the sweet finale I always look forward to. A dense pau layer plumped with a finger licking yummy molten salted egg yolk filling. This actually trumped the egg tarts for me!

Delicious bites at half the price - what's there not to like at all?

Canton Paradise
I12 Katong

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