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Burger Joint New York @ Amoy Street

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Behind those doors lie a burger secret.

Burger Joint New York hails from New York and joins the rest of the elusive restaurants that sport unassuming shopfronts and makes entering an almost sheepish experience.


Be greeted by this neon burger light when the doors get swung open and there is a mini maze of some sort created by black curtains before the real deal presents itself.


The interior exudes a more casual vibe than the shop frontage, private dining rooms are also available in this relatively small eatery.


How does a bar counter sound? A cocktail at 11am sounds almost too good to be true but at Burger Joint New York - any time is cocktail-o-clock, as long as the bartender is on duty!


Scribbles like these make up the whole restaurant - it sure looked like random scribblings.


Even the menu cards are handwritten - feels just like a push cart, except these wheels are permanent.


The cosy corner we picked with every inch filled with scribbles - not meant for the OCD, it would drive you nuts, quite literally.


Order and payment made at the window and my order arrives in a kraftbag. Hurhur. The only difference between Mcdonalds and this is, my waiting time is longer and the wallet feels alot lighter.


Water ($3.50)

Cheapest item on the menu - I should've just thrown all calorie counting out of the window and paired my burgers with a milkshake.


Burger to bag for comparison - they aren't exactly Carl's Junior sizes but still heavy weight enough to cause quite a mess trying to eat it.


Double Bacon Cheeseburger    $28.40


Double Jalapeño Bacon Cheeseburger ($29.40)

The only difference between the two was the jalapenos in the latter. Sloppy affair with sauces and cheese dripping everywhere, I won't say this is the best burger eaten alive - doneness was in the instructions but really, there was marginal differences once the grill was on. Just a regular burger in my opinion though they tried really hard to pull off one with melty cheese.


Fries ($5.50)

Pricey fries that the fast food joint itself would have aced. Oh, they came in a kraft bag too - without a holder even.


The first experience was ordinary, not too exciting and I still did not get the hoolabaloo about this burger joint.

Burger Joint New York
115 Amoy Street #01-03
(Entrance at back on Gemmill Lane)

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