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Akai Fune @ Singapore Expo

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My expeditions to EXPO hardly end on a gourmet note, mainly because the crowds put me off waiting for food during a fair and the ghost town situations only beckon when the food establishments make the trip to the east worthwhile.

Akai Fune it was then one fine and dandy day, even at lunch hour it was empty.




These pot stickers had a skin too thick and fried with too much oil so much so lifting it left an oil drizzle behind. CP would have done the job, much much better.


Garlic Pork

These char siu slices were overcooked, fell apart from overcooking and was given a jolt of overseasoning with just too much soya sauce and fried garlic.


Curry Udon

And for Waraku that kickstarted my interest in beef curry udon, I say this was a pathetic far cry - sweet gravy that a Daiso premix would have fared better, clumpy udon noodles, pickled bamboo shoots off a packet, a clearly overcooked onsen egg (where is the runny in this?) and a clump of sweet beef. Sorry, not impressed with this sugar overload.


Oyako don

Mushy rice and a slightly undercooked chicken and egg topping. This was already frustrating me with the dishes that should not be undercooked and overcooked.


Saba Fish

This was perhaps the only best tasting ordinary dish on the table of bad ones.

Obviously food was wasted, money was spent and we left most disgruntled. A below average Japanese joint that seemed to have paid for their raving online reviews. Try, at your own risk.

Akai Fune
Singapore Expo

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