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Swissotel Nai Lert Park @ Bangkok

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Swissotel Nai Lert Park was the choice of accommodation this time round - away from the hustle and bustle of the red light district, bulk purchase shopping malls and night markets but near to the swanky malls and quite a distance from the BTS. 15 minutes by foot was our main mode of transport out of the property and never once did we catch the hourly free shuttle to the station.




The inviting lush greenery is a gateway to paradise. Well, of course if one loves plants or swimming.


I'd love to lepak under one of these huge brollies and probably read the holiday away but...those remain as retirement goals.


These blue waters are made for dipping.


The property is not huge and the floors are not many - the decor of the hotel is largely made of art installations like these.


A huge fluffy bed awaits and I always resist jumping into bed immediately after checking in.


No nespresso, just a fix of caffeine.


Our platter of welcome fruits - complete with cutlery which cracked me up.


Bath robes which makes bubble baths a must.

While I will not go into the nitty gritties of our stay, the overall cleanliness was lacking somewhat which became a pet peeve - think dried water stains on surfaces and dirt trapped in visible corners. Shoddy housekeeping perhaps?


And yessss, having a meal in bed is checked off my bucket list. Haha, so easy to satisfy! Their version of a club sandwich had neither bacon nor a proper fried egg, pretty to look at and misleading of its name even. Why not just call it a roast chicken sandwich.


Breakfast was at the ISO Restaurant.


Apparently there are many other early risers for the most important meal of the day.


Bringing thai street food to the buffet table.


And the mandatory egg station that everyone on a holiday seems to love.


Fruits that only the Asian would fine meh-dinary. A pity durians are not allowed (and it was the durian season) otherwise it would a surprise at the breakfast table!


Possibly the most number of coloured beverages offered during a buffet.


I probably eat the best on a holiday, fulfilling all food groups required for the day in a single meal.





This ended up being the tastiest combination ever - pepper and parprika cheeses with rye crackers. These do not look appetizing to say the least, but so so sooo delicious.


We were offered a coconut pastry fresh out of the oven, this was more bread than pastry though coconut is actually a tasty flavour.


Hot off the griddle includes crepes and waffles - It had to be the honeycomb that got me ordering this soggy crepe.


Rice noodles with fishballs, nothing to yell about but I adore their noodles which is not common locally.


Forgot where this indigo juice drink came from but it was pretty refreshing!


Alas, a friendlier beetroot juice promising to cleanse the system.


That endeth our short stay at Swissotel Nai Lert Park. I am a bigger fan of its tranquility and the number of pokemons caught on site than the quality of the rooms. It is on the dated side and price makes sense but otherwise, there are other properties that would leave a more lasting impression. 

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