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Joel Robuchon @ Bangkok

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This is our third visit to a Joel Robuchon outlet – coincidentally the countries we’ve been to have an outlet and perhaps it will be a goal to visit all his restaurants!



Each Joel Robuchon experience though same, is different every visit. 

I love their counter seats which allows for full view of the kitchen activity.


The single bread basket that gets me going back time and again for more – and possibly the only bread basket that I love everything in it.


More of the delicious. 


Amuse bouche courtesy of the chef was a quinoa fritter with foie gras custard. Umami already at the beginning.


Le Melon
Thin Melon Tart, “Fromage Frais” with Coriander and Iberico Ham

I love dishes that combine sweet and savoury in one, better still if fruits are incorporated. Loved the sweet melon balls on a mille feuille pastry layer and completed with a sharp tasting iberico ham sliver. And less is always more, as so cleverly put together by Joel Robuchon. 


La Volaille
Thin Poultry Breast “Vittelo Tonnato” style served with a sucrrine lettuce

I’d have eaten the veal equivalents before except this was chicken – how on earth does chicken taste like veal remains a mystery to me. 


Even the lettuce! I cannot fathom how and why but this was so crisp.  


La Moule De Bouchot
Gratinated “bouchot” mussel, stewed leeks and creamy soup


The times I have been wowed by soup courses are countable, and this is possibly the one and only time I have been floored by soup. Leek and corn soup made for a sweet broth and that oyster fritter with such crispy edges would make orh luak (oyster omelette) so pedestrian. 


La Brioche Du Jour
Spit roast of the day, served with potato puree

Sweet meat executed like roast meat, loved the pairing with their signature mash.


One can never resist a Joel Robuchon mash, the amount of butter plonked in could cause health hazards but truly, it was so worth it!


These were like miniature fried dough sticks stirred in with mustard relish, inspite of its soggy texture this was still quite a hit in the mouth - yummy!


Le Porc
Caramelized Pork Belly with Sage served with Crispy Spatzle and Confit Onions

Three cubes of heaven. Juicy, greasy and if I may add, so tasty. I have issues with the lack of crispy edges in pork belly somehow, it is almost the yardstick for a good pork belly and this had the makings of one.


Personally I love dessert trolleys, the whole fanfare of having it pushed and going through a horrible dilemma of which one to eat. So dining with a companion made it all the better, I had the luxury of picking from the dessert trolley and having a dessert course from the set lunch itself!


Le Melon Takami
Takami Melon, Lemon Flavoured Fromage Blanc and Chiang Rai Honey


Sold on Chiang Rai honey, this gorgeously plated dessert was enough to elicit the oohs and aahs from me. Refreshing melon cubes and that tangy sorbet made complete with a floral chiang rai honey, I find it hard to decide if their mains or dessert was better. Ah heck it was an all rounded meal.


The lovely waiter allowed me two desserts from the trolley! I usually shun meringue desserts because they end up too sweet but this was so light I could not resist. Doused with a delicious vanilla bean sauce, I was almost on cloud nine.


Until this mango tart of course, look at the immense amount of work that went into slicing the mangoes even. And that layering involved in putting together a buttery crust, custard, caramel and then those mangoes. Best mango tart, I also squealed. I am usually an advocate of less is more, yet this made sense of "more is more".


I cannot help but conclude that celebrations are huge at Joel Robuchon, judging from the number of times the crew had to sing an accapella tune for the birthday diner.


And that made another instagrammable moment.

We left so happy - bellies filled and pockets lighter but another great experience with the team of Joel Robuchon. So Hongkong, Singapore and now Bangkok. Where to next?

Joel Robuchon
5th Floor, MahaNakhon CUBE, 96 Narathiwas Ratchanakharin Rd

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