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Jay Fai Cuisine @ Bangkok

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I was sold on the thick crabmeat roll that has been making its rounds on Instagram quite dutifully and decided to check out this hole in wall eatery. 



Jay Fai Cuisine just doors away from the ever popular Thip Samai could be mistaken for just another off the beaten path regular eatery, afterall it is barely filled and sports only locals. 


Laminated menus.  


The lady boss personally cooks every dish and has an assistant to plate and ensure there are no stray gravy stains and that coriander topping is on point. Quick meals are not encouraged at Jay Fai Cuisine – I suppose good things are worth the wait?


Drunken Noodles (THB 400)

That dash of alcohol must have caused it a drunken name but do not get me wrong on this stunning number. Packed with so much wok hei, I’d have mistaken Chef for a Chinese Cook. The thick chewy rice noodles was evenly coated with sauce and served with so many pieces of seafood. I was in a carb-protein heaven. This was so tasty, it outshone the equally outstanding crabmeat omelette too at some point. 


We could be overly stingy back home when seafood horfun only gets me squid rings, frozen prawns and sliced fish at best and in this single dish I get crazily fresh prawns, shell fish and squid too! 


Crabmeat Omelette (THB 800)


Takes a wokful of skill to execute this masterpiece. Omelette is just enough to coat the roll of crabmeat – yes a copious amount of crabmeat too! Mouthfuls of decadence and only at Jay Fai's. 

Pricey but so worth every penny paid. The well dressed locals head there and bear no shame hiding this well kept secret – the question is – how long more is the lady boss going to continue before hanging up her wok for good? 

Jay Fai Cuisine
327 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon

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