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Crystal Jade Prestige @ Marina Bay Financial Centre

~Invited Session~


Crystal Jade Prestige recently unveiled a refreshed menu featuring specialty dishes from their One Michelin Starred sister establishment, Crystal Jade Golden Palace.




Prestige Dimsum Platter ($10.80)
Prawn and carrot dumpling with black truffle, Assorted mushroom dumpling,
Osmanthus dumpling with prawn and celery,
Water chestnut dumpling with olive and parsley

These four handcrafted dimsums make quite a first impression. Each had a delicate translucent skin with a combination of prawns and minced meat as stuffing.


Doesn't this look like the magicarp?


Chilled Organic Tomatoes with Sesame Sauce ($10.80)

Refreshingly so with the core of the tomatoes emptied and plumped with a sesame sauce - think kewpie sesame sauce with roasted sesame seeds.


Best of both worlds ($48)
Classic + Prestige Pipa Duck with Fermented Beancurd Sauce

Highly recommended, the ducks are first butterflied to allow better penetration of flavours from the 10 hour homemade spice blend marinade, blanched and basted with golden maltose sugar and vinegar before being air dried for another 10 hours before being roasted to perfection.


The difference between the classic and prestige option lies in the sauce, the latter brushed with an additional coat of fermented beancurd sauce. I actually preferred the prestige version better, addictively tasty and perfect with rice. The crispy skin was another highlight on its own!


Stir-fried Assorted Mushrooms with Basil in Claypot ($22, Small)

Basil had a magical touch in this piping hot claypot of assorted mushrooms - that peppery fragrance that first excites the senses and the bitter taste of basil with mushrooms makes one delightful course.


Signature Fried Rice ($20, Small)

Studded with spring onions, egg, diced homemade pickled radish and salted fish, this fried rice can be both of a hit or miss if pickled radish is not up one's alley. I found it still on the sweet side though the salted fish was delicious on its own.


Steamed Pandan Bun with Green Tea Custard ($6.80)

Pandan-infused bun enclosing a sweet-savoury molten lava filling of matcha and salted egg yolk. An unusual pairing of green tea with salted egg yolk that actually worked, a bittersweet and savoury combination in an aromatic bun!


Coconut Jelly with Fresh Milk in Coconut ($8.80)

I'd liken this to steamed milk pudding except this is chilled and made with fresh hokkaido milk. Extremely fragrant and creamy, I would highly recommend this if there is more space for dessert.


Sugar Coated Yam ($13)

These sugar coated yam slices remind me of a Chinese New Year candy I used to eat, except these are made fresh! 

Available every weekend is their signature weekend brunch priced at $38 and $48 per person for two seatings - 10 am to 12 and 12 - 2 pm. The brunch includes 8 courses which diners can select from the 6 different categories of appetizers, dimsum, soups, wok fried dishes, main course and desserts.

Crystal Jade Prestige
Marina Bay Financial Center, Ground Plaza

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