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Crepes in Bangkok 2016

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I find it almost strange how enamoured I am with crepes in Bangkok - the cheaper cousin of the Shinjuku crepes which i clearly did not fancy.

Thanks to the rain, I had no choice but to satisfy the crepe cravings at the basement of Platinum Fashion Mall. It must have been these colourful and realistic looking crepe displays.


The real deal - much smaller and for the first time I opted for savoury toppings - ham and cheese to be exact. Much skinnier and the ladies literally counted the slices of ham and cheese placed onto the crepe - yawn.

While it was delicious (which I attribute to the hunger), nothing could stop me from crossing the overhead bridge for the famous crepe cart.


National television pride!


Once again, I took the plunge from my usual order of banana peanut butter and went ahead with the pizza and cheese.


Amidst the mess, something delicious was cooking over the stove.


It must have been the last few orders syndrome where I stand between closing the cart and clearing stock of the ingredients because the ingredients were bountiful! Almost spilling over and like a pizza rolled into a crepe.


More than double the size of the previous one and so filling!!! Pardon the excitement but it was so worth the calories - think mouthfuls of ham and molten cheese. And by the time we reached the bottom of the cardboard box, it was a soggy mess of heaven.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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