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WOK°15 Kitchen @ ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

~Invited Session~


WOK°15 at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove has a menu offering everything from the best of local specialties to contemporary Asian interpretations at affordable prices. Helmed by Executive Chef Chum Kar Ho from Hong Kong, he has created a menu with creative twists to suit a variety of palettes.


Japanese Greenhouse Tomato served with Wasabi Infused Sesame Sauce ($8)


This dish was designed to provide refreshment from Singapore’s warm weather. Intricate cutting skills presented - quite an art piece don't you think?


Double Boiled Japanese Chicken Soup with Himematsutake Mushrooms ($38)

I love my soups and this would be one of those soups I would not mind having all the time. Hearty broth for the rainy day!


Delve deep for a medley of Japanese mushrooms, giving the soup an earthier flavour.


Grilled Garoupa Fillet with Beancurd Skin served in Stone Pot ($38)


Created to feed our love for hotpot dishes - this piping hot dish features garoupa fillets tossed in a delectable sauce. Perfect with rice!


B.B.Q Combination Platter (3 Varieties) ($30)

No visit to a cantonese restaurant is complete without trying their roasts. Roasted pork belly was the most oustanding of the three roasts attempted, crispy skin, jellied fats and that salted pork layer. 


Chilli Crab served with Fried Mantou (Seasonal price)

Chef Kum’s reinvented Singapore classic, The Chilli Crab (served over a mini wok) is iconic of the restaurant. Served with fried mantous which is a must when eating chilli crab - tear open them buns and dunk them into the fiery red coloured gravy. 


My favourite part of the crustacean - those meat stuffed pincers doused in a generous scoop of gravy.


Braised Vermicelli with Diced Seafood, Salted Fish, Shrimp Paste and Vegetables ($22)

Tuck into this braised vermicelli for the carb fix, plenty of ingredients tossed into this dish. I say, get a side of cut chilli padi for that oomph. 


Double Boiled Snow Fungus and Osmanthus served in Coconut ($12)


Coconut fragrance runs strong in this hot dessert meant for the rainy days and nourishing sweet finish. Gotta love the goodness packed in every slurp.


An assortment of their first year in this Mooncake business, while the crowd favours the traditional flavour of white lotus paste with salted egg yolk, I say give the longan ginger tea a try - love your candied ginger and this would please you to no end!

WOK°15 Kitchen
ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove 

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